Learn all about me

Hello all my name is Kaytlyn, but most people call me Kay. I am happily at the age of twenty years. ( 23, 2018) I live in what I believe to be a small town located off of Orlando in the state of Florida, but in reality its a decent size city. I was born in Altamonte, but raised in the small town of Apopka (Uh Pop Kuh). Apopka is known for our art and jazz festivals, foliage festivals, parades, carnivals,etc. What really put us on the map our high school football team. The Apopka Blue Darters. Go Darters! Lets learn more about me 😀

So I live in a small town of Apopka like I’ve said above. I live in between my parents and grandma at the moment but there is a reason for that. I have Six siblings. The oldest is Danielle she is twenty-five same ( 27, 2018) father, the next oldest is Kendra she is twenty-two (24, 2018)  we also have the same father, I just learned about her not so long ago. Then there is my step sister Katlynn she is twenty-one (also 23, 2018) . Then we have Christina aka Lexi who is eight teen, she is almost nine teen ( 21, 2018) same mother , next we have my step brother Michael Jr who is seventeen ( 19 now) , last of the siblings is Joshua and he is eight going to nine soon (11, 2018) same mother. The reason why I’m giving name and ages is because I will be speaking about them a lot. So its better to become aware of them all. I will also be mentioning other family members, but that’s a long list. My family is a big part of my life.

I have to say I am recently unemployed, due to medical reasons.  Back in February a few weeks after my twentieth birthday I learned that I have blood clots in my superficial veins of my right leg. A good couple months later I learned the cause in my upper right leg the valves in my vein are not working properly so i basically will need to have surgery eventually to blow out the vein. I also had a issue with a pinched nerve but that is going away finally! All thanks to physical therapy.

So now in my spare time, I write poetry, stories. I cook, read, watch some t.v. and other things that I take interest in. I currently got into a relationship after being single for three years and five months. 10-9-15 ❤ Well I hope y’all will enjoy my blog!


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