“Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep” it loudly rings as I roll to my side. The alarm goes off and I sigh to myself its nine o’ clock. Nope I’m not getting up, the only downside is I’m wide awake. Why??!?!?! I lay in bed and stare at the ceiling, go to work with mom and blog, stay home and blog. Yep stay home and blog, well that’s what I hoped. Nine fifty rolls around and my phone dings, well more like dings the text tone of once upon a dream.

Mom: Are you going with me?

Me: No

Mom: ????

Me: I’m tired *thinks to myself not really but she doesn’t know that*

Mom: *Comes walking through my door* What do you mean you’re tired, get up and get dressed.

So here I am twenty minutes later at work with my mother writing this post. Feeling not so tired and listening to Avril Lavigne.

My mother is a Administrative Assistant  at Thrive Apopka Assembly Of God. Yes we are Christians. Does my religion affect any of y’all? No it shouldn’t cause we have our own right to what we believe and if this stops you from reading my post well that’s alright. I am not going to judge you we all believe in what we believe and should carry on with our days.

Jessica Lyn Andrews Amador

My mother was only nine teen when she had me, she was married to my father who at the time was only twenty-three. My mother graduated from Apopka High School in 93′ and later on had me, and my other sister.  She has come a long way since then. She ended up divorcing my father four years later. A good couple months later she began dating a man named Michael who is now my step father. He as well had two children of his own from his previous marriage. Katlynn and Michael.

My mother can be something else at times, she can be really annoying, caring, loving OVER PROTECTIVE a lot and strict. Ha I still remember her reaction when she found out my ex Matthew D. and I. were dating. So I changed my Facebook status from single and in a relationship. I was getting like hit left and right from likes, Kik messages, text messages, Facebook messages. I am usually not a popular person but I surprised a lot of people. In the whole process of it all I forgot to tell my mom about it. So about ten minutes after my change of the status I get a text message from the woman herself.

Mom: With?

Me: Matthew

Mom: And I had to find out on Facebook?

Me: Yes … I love you 😀

Mom: The 22-year-old?

Me: no mom he is 21

Mom: Wait the one who lives in Maryland?

Me: Yes mother.

Mom: What’s his job?

Me: College Student

Mom: Major?

Me: Chemical engineering

So I basically had to answer all these questions to reassure my mother. So this whole week I have to attend work with my mother. Oh mom.

If you have mothers like this why don’t you share some stories. Have a fabulous day with your mothers.


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