Music I’m into

“And do the Jailhouse rock”… Elvis the classics. I love to listen to music even though it can be difficult at times but that’s a another story for another day. “Cut loose, foot loose kick off your Sunday shoes”. Oh do I ever. Growing up I listened to a variety of music, pop, country, alternative, pop punk, etc. You name it. And the music just flows through my soul. I have noticed lately that I’m more in tune to my sensitive side. I catch myself, crying, or getting way into the music. Honestly just mostly crying. It’s almost like I’m living the words of the song. Strange right?. Have you ever gotten this way before?

My Favorite Artists

I have such a good amount list going on here in the brain of Kay. Elvis Presley for starters, a musical genius. Then Michael Jackson, Avril Lavigne, Adam Lavigne, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Ertha Kitt, Eminem, Macklemore, Bette Midler Etc. I just really enjoy listening to their music and I know that’s some crazy genre mixes there. I have been favoring Eminem and Michael Buble at the moment. Who have you been favoring?

My Favorite Bands

Here we go let this list begin: Kiss, Guns N’ Roses, Queen, The Beatles, Wonder Years, Never Shout Never, Bless The Fall, Dream on Dreamer, Rascal Flats, Lindsy Says, Linkin Park. Bands that were just introduced to me by my now ex boyfriend Matthew D. that I really come to like : bôa, splashdown, dirt poor robins, incubus, five finger death punch, deftones. I’m favoring them all. Who have you been favoring.

Have you ever gone through a process or a time in your life where you think that your this awesome song writer? I don’t know but that just popped up in my head. Well if you come across a band or a artist that you think I should check out just comment below and I will give them a listen. Or if you have a specific song you want me to listen to and do a review on the song, also comment below. Don’t be shy! Sing Away


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