Best Friends

People come and go out of our lives, some hurt us other just disappear but we always have a few that linger in our hearts. I have four special people come into my life, beautiful people who mean the world to me and I have to take the time to just talk about them. They have always been there for me.


This girl is special to me, the moment we met we just clicked and we have been connected since. I was a senior in high school and she was just a year behind. We had  play writing together and I have to say without her the class was kinda boring. Since then I’ve graduated and  we speak still. About all types of things , mostly stories we’re writing and helping each other with stories, cracking jokes. We have too many memories old and new. Without her would we have Tampon boy? Li of the Ander? Fin of the Bar? Sir Bush? Jousting? Not going to give away too much. Thor would be proud! XD Thank you for coming into my life Pink hair ❤



That New York accent is loud and thick, you’re loud and proud, you don’t give two craps about idiots and that is what makes you Kat. I’m blessed you came into my life three years back. I wonder how a part of me would be today if you didn’t pop up in my life. You taught me to be content with myself  and to speak my mind. You told me I had a voice and don’t be afraid to use it, guess what? I do thanks to you. We have been through so much together. You’ve had my back and I will always have yours. You’ve proved it to me and I proved it to you. Nothing will tear us down. It has made our friendship stronger. We were there to pick each other up through the hard times, after losing Cameron. Still heartbreaking. We had our good times, we still do. From the “anaconda don’t want none till we got buns hun”, “I’ve had the time of my life”, “baby won’t you come my way” and more. The jokes we crack about those stupid ex’s of yours to the dancing we do around the living room. Them speedy legs. Thank you for just being yourself and taking me under your wing and going with my flow. ❤


You, yes you! My worries. My friend that always daring and adventurous. Are you trying to give me a heart attack girl? Always doing something that has me praying lord Jesus spare me from doing something stupid to her. We have been friends for years, you mean the world to me and I want to keep making memories with you! We have literally done so much, sleep overs, staying out until like 2 am getting a tattoo as I jam out to music as you silently shake your head and change the song on me. I am all about this bass Girl. We go times without talking, but I know those are your periods where you need to be you. I will always support you, I might not agree but I will be here. I sit here trying to figure what to say next? My mind wants to say so much but my fingers can only type so fast. I am your Kaytlyn who is “growing up” before your eyes. I miss you even though were only like twenty minutes away. Call me okay ❤



I have no idea what so ever where to start. This boy, you ,my life. I just miss you. Best friends for almost ten years. You have been basically my rock. My savior. You my friend are my most precious blessing. You have been there for most of my hard times, we have our hard times. We’ve had our ups and downs literally but through it all it only made our bond stronger. I have say I don’t exactly remember how we met. Was it during recess? Or through my cousin who would fish with your brother? Does remembering even matter? Our chill out spot at the first tower on the playground with the girls. You really didn’t like any of my friends. I am glad you put up with them for my sake. I miss you, I can’t be its been almost eight years since you left! I’m glad we found our way back to one another and got in contact. I laugh still to this day thinking back to our racing moments. I want a rematch I challenge thee. DON’T LET ME WIN YOU STINKER. (Even though I know I will lose greatly since you know I’m shorter than you and you ran track and all.) Also to the times you would get me out of trouble that the girls would try to get me in. We all know that I was that evil mastermind though. We be evil masterminds together! I want to thank you for rescuing me during, p.e. and recess. When we were forced to do that god awful valentines dance and when we had to partner up you would grab me before Justin did. Also for saving me from my almost first kiss. If you didn’t rip me out from under Justin I would have had those lips touch mine. THANK YOU! I know you never want to come back to Florida my dear friend, oh but you will I will drag you off your stupid couch, to the car drive eight hours and what ever minutes it takes to get back home. Deal with it you bugger. You silly boy I really miss you. ❤

My-best-friend Best_friends_are_like_stars_quote895

So best friends yeah 😀

With love KayIsKay

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