What do you do on days you’re home alone?

Parents are riding on their motorcycles, Lexi is at her father’s house, Michael is surfing at the beach with some cool kids, Katlynn is doing her thing, and Joshua has a baseball game and I’m here like what am I supposed to do? Yeah I could text Matthew, annoy the crap out of Dylan. Kik Kat, call Gigi but they all live busy lives too. So what do to do on the day you’re home alone. OH I KNOW!  Clean …. NOT!.

So here are somethings you can do on your days home alone…


Yes I said the dreaded words, cleaning in a sense. But hey sometimes it has to be done. I mean you need clothes to wear about when you finally go out and party or like me just to wear when when adventuring Apopka. I have to say I have a load in the wash and one in the process of drying. Never hurts to have clean things right? Like this is one of the most easiest task, it does all the work for you. Now only if the darn thing knew how to fold. Like a printer you know it sorts it out and staples it for you. We need a dryer that will dry and fold.


And you can eat too, when you’re home alone and you look through the cabinets and can’t find anything to your liking or you just don’t all the things to make the mean you wanted, don’t fret just experiment. Its fun and hey it gives you something to do while the laundry washes. I have to say its one of my favorite things to do. I do it basically on a daily basis, and my family are my taste testers. Its a way to get out your creative urges. Give it a try!


Now you know there are many Youtubers making videos in the day in age. If you have a few sit down with your now yummy fun creative meal and dig in. Now each person is different and they like to watch all kinds of strange things. From make up tutorials to daily vlogs with Zoella, to raising money for the Trevor project with Tyler Oakley, and even just watching solider coming home videos, pregnancy announcements, etc. It never hurts to explore it tends to happen. And if you just want to listen to music that’s alright to.


I have to admit to doing this already today. I’m on a Jeydon Wale binge. Eh he is funny to me so..



We have the other option watching Hulu and or Netflix. I am a Netflix user myself. When I’m not watching Youtube I’m watching Bones, Numb3rs, Law and Order, CSI Miami, IZombie, Reign, and Disney Movies.


I am an intense sims player. I have played all four of the sims through out my life. I own three of the four sims games plus some expansions. I have to say its a part of my life. Right now I’m doing the Asylum challenge for sims4. I am attempting by myself with a Asylum full of just gingers and playing the same challenge with another group of all aliens except one with my sister. I recommend you look up the rules and try if your a simmer. Sims gives a free range to do whatever almost. Its just fun.


Now if you’ve done all those things that’s when you get creative again with other hobbies and or you just … Sleep

What do you do on days home alone?


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