Quality time with Family

So today my uncle showed up with my aunt and their four children and surprised my grandma. This Tuesday coming up she is having surgery done that will result in a six week recovery so they have come down to see and support her. I have to say today was a awesome day. I got to hang out with my cousins. 

This morning I got to watch them perform Gods Not Dead on stage with the rest of the children for the adult service and sat with them while learning about today’s sermon which is based off Fear Factor. 

After I had a short quick wonderful conservation with Matthew and I have to say it was great being able to hear his voice! While waiting for them to return from changing out of their church attire. 

After my parents plus Joshua and my aunt, uncle, grandma, cousins and I all went to Chili’s  to have lunch and it was fun. Macayla the oldest of the four wanted me to sit with her and I couldn’t refuse. We played a game of Life, Mash, several rounds of tic tac toe. It was just interesting. 

We left Chili’s and went back to my aunt mothers house (where they are  currently staying) and had a good time swimming…. Yes Matthew don’t worry I made sure I put on a lot of sunscreen.  It got pretty cold so we hopped out of the pool and got all dried up and went to see the cute adorable little puppies. 

We also played a game of uno. Saldly each time I was defeated by a five year old. 😦 

Dinner rolled around and we had chicken (I’ve eaten chicken a lot this week) cheesy green beans and French fries and while we ate my cousins and I played several rounds of Would You Rather. My cousin ate four chicken legs. For a eleven year old she can eat xD 

You can never go wrong playing Deal or No Deal on the D.S. more than once. 

Currently I am sitting next to my cousin as I am typing this. Well have an awesome day, spend time with family and dance too! That can never go wrong…. Hopefully! 

What have you done with your family today? 


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