I cried tears of sadness, and let my worries free. It relived the heart ache some but I still feel trapped behind this stable. 
I fought my hardest to push my way through. I cried some more, seems like that’s all I can do. 
The light shines bright through the stable walls. I stand the best I can and peer out over the opening. Grass so green, sky so blue. Only if I can join too. 
I try my best, I sit and pray. Is today going to be the day? Days go by, soon weeks. Months come along and I still sit and pray.
For the day I can stand and say I’m free at last. To…
Walk freely from the stable and into the loving grass. 
Longing for the day to stare at the blue sky. 
To be fee.. Of the enemy’s stable. 
Kaytlyn Farrington 

Today I wrote this poem to release how I felt the past couple months and I have to say it was a relief. Thank you for reading 


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