The day I had yesterday. 

Yesterday was the day of my grandma’s surgery so if was a pretty big day. I was in charge of getting my youngest brother off to the bus at 7:52 in the morning. Why so early?

I let the dogs out then back in and somehow managed to fall back to sleep.

So at noon I got up and decided to make spaghetti more like the suace and have it slow cook in the croc pot.

I took a can big can and two little cans of pasta sauce and poured it in the pot. I also added one can of hearty tomato soup to the mix and stirred it all together. I added about 3 tablespoons of ketchup to make it thick. I then added the seasonings. I added about a half of table spoon of garlic salt. One tablespoon of Italian seasoning. A pinch of salt. Several pinches of pepper and a pinch of sugar. I let it go high for two hours and stirred it occasionally and then after two hours I set it to low and did its thing… Simmer.

I have to say it was really good, My cousins came around 1 and we played games and laughed at each other silliness. Picked up Joshua from the bus stop then soon after we ate dinner and went off to my little brothers baseball game. We watched it a bit and went off to the park. They ran around had their fun. Constantly had me walking back and forth to the bathrooms carrying them. Lazy kids.

After the game we had icecream and  went on home. They played minecraft with my brother until they had to go home.

I tucked Joshua in to bed and then I went down stairs and listened to music and watched some YouTube videos. Eventually I stared at the ceiling and “woah oh woah stuck like glue you and me baby we’re stuck like glue” yay Matthew called me! (That’s his ringtone :D) we talked for a good two hours before we finally went to bed. ❤

I have to say it was a good day!

What did y’all do yesterday?

If nothing fun happened it’s alright just remember …..

There is always tomorrow!

Lol and oh that picture is old but it’s one of my favorites 😀


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