School 2015 Who Are You

So to pass the time away I have been watching School 2015 Who Are You. This is a Korean show, it’s about two identical twins who are separated at birth and one was adopted when she is five.
About 12 years later Go Eun-Byul the twin that is adopted comes across and finds out that she is has a twin sister Lee Eun-Bi. Only Lee Eun-Bi does not know she has a twin.

Occasionally Go Eun-Byul will send Lee Eun-Bi gifts but leaves herself anymous.

So one weekend they school takes a trip to the city to where Lee Eun-Bi is living. Go Eun-Byul goes in hoping to meet her twin but in the process goes missing.

Meanwhile Lee Eun-Bi is being bullied by this gang of girls. One of the girls frames her and makes her look like she did something she had not and gets Expelled from school.

In the process they search for weeks for Go Eun-Byul and still haven’t been able to find where she gone.

Lee Eun-Bi depressed decided to try to commit suicide and she is recused and mistaken as Go Eun-Byul. Making matters worse she has lost her memories and is mistaken as her twin Go Eun-Byul

She returns back with Go Eun-Byul mother and has to live her life as her sister where she has flash backs of her old life here and there but it confuses her.

Along the way she becomes friends with  Han Yi-An and Gong Tae Kwang

      Yi-An                                  Tae Kwang

I am currently on Episode 3 and my cousin made me a bowl of icecream.

You should check it out!



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