Things I did while being Bored 

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I couldn’t find anything to blog about. 

Today I thought of something. I can write about what I have been doing while bored. 

So I have been watching several shows. Korean to be exact. 

The first one I am going to talk a about is Highschool Love On. It’s a show about a angel who saves a boy but in the process she gets turned into a human aswell and has to live a life of a human and figure out highschool, protecting the boy she saved and figure out what how to feel about her first love. I have to say it’s pretty good. 

The next show is called Sweet 18. So basically this is about a arranged marriage. This girl graduates Highschool and she has to marry a man who is in his early 20’s and he is a prosecutor. This show is very interesting, and you get to follow along the marriage. 

Now this is one is the one I started to watch yesterday. She was pretty. It’s about this girl who isn’t the prettiest and goes out looking for jobs. In the process her old best friend gets in contact with her. She goes to meet up with him and discovers that he isn’t the Fat boy that he used to be and has become very handsome. He walks in her direction and walks past her to a pretty woman. Then she remembers that he must remember her as the pretty little girl she used to be and hides. Minutes later she meets up with the girl bestfriend and sends her to pretend to be her. After the meet was over the “fake” her tells him that she is study overseas. 

The next day she gets the Job at The Most. Where she begins to work in the management department. She is sent to the editing department where she is mistaken as a worker and is assigned to do things. Once they discover that she isn’t part of their department. She gets transferred over and then learns that her old bestfriend is the editor in chief and after while with working with him she learns he is horrid. He looks down on her and is very rude. 

So far it’s a good and it’s still currently airing in South Korea! 


I also have been talking to Matthew when I can and I am supposed to watch a movie with him later! Can’t wait. 

I also play Hero’s Legend it’s a game based off of Naruto! 

Here is my team  

            Hinata      Garra     Naruto 

I just currently added Hinata to my team so I have to level her up but I love this game! 

I picked up Garra and he said this! Cracked me up! 

Also in the corner I spotted something going on and I zoomed in close and saw some blushing 

Oh Naruto and Sakura xD 

Well I hope y’all have a fantastic day! And if you guys love Naruto too tell me which Characters are your favorite!


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