Halloween & Chuckie Cheese! 

So yesterday was Halloween and it was pretty fun! I ended up not being Snow White due to the fact I couldn’t the outfit I imagined. I’m picky … So instead I was a Cruella De Vil. Sorry Matt! I also got to trick or treat with Gigi! Like she said we are never too old. I got a good decent amount of candy. A lot of walking on the other hand. Until my stepdad got the truck… Yay! 

The next day which is today! I went to Chuckie Cheese for a birthday party! It was fun. Considering I stole most of my cousins token and played. Like a 25 year old needs that much tokens any way. By the end of party we had collected over 2000 tickets. 

Oh the joys of Chuckie Cheese! 

Well that’s all for today. What were y’all for Halloween? 


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