How do you know when you’ve had a good nap? Is it when you wake up forgetting what day it is? Or you wake up and you questioned how it gets dark outside?

Or the fact that you don’t recall falling sleep and you wake up spalled out across the bed with shoes on and all, the fan spinning fast door closed. You for a split second forget how to read military time. Yeah that all occurred.

Or just the fact that your staring at the phone and sleepily think why hasn’t my boyfriend messaged me back yet? *Rolls over*

I have to say due to taking care of my grandma I haven’t gotten the sleep I like, yet again I already have a jacked up sleep schedule as is. So my nap was ‘great’. Yeah I got good sleep and woke up feeling ‘refreshed’ nah I was so tired I just stared at the ceiling and contemplated if I should fall back to sleep or say hi to cousin and aunt who woke me up in the first place.

It’s almost time for my grandma’s medicine and I am ready ro go back to sleep.

Have y’all ever had ‘great’ naps?

Or woke up and thought there was an intruder and came running out with crowbar in hand only to see it was your roommate? Ha my boyfriend’s life!


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