Relieving Things! My way 

When you’re down and or stress what do y’all do to relieve it? Scream? Throw things? Cry?

I used to do all three sadly to admit but with some help from friends and family I resorted to other techniques to help.

I color. Yes that must make y’all laugh but its true I do. Coloring is fun and it really does help relieve stress. It takes most of your focus. Your so focused on coloring that you actually tend to forget the things you were stressed about. I own about 3 or 4 different coloring books and three different crayola coloring crayons. Normal crayons, twistable crayons and twistables color pencils. When I am out and about I also have an app called Colorfy. Its a really fun app and I recommend it.

Here is some work I have done with the app.  

I also listen to music. Literally rock, hardcore rock. Basically screamo it tends to distract me cuase i’m focusing on what the guys are trying to scream.

Dream on Dreamers cover of A Thousand Miles is like the best! Honestly its amazing and I can’t help but want to walk a thousand miles … just kidding.  

Also BlessTheFall. Another band I listen too! Like You wear a crown but you’re no king is a good song by them as well as Hollow Bodies and Bottomfeeder.  

I also cook.. Cooking is just a fun thing to do. I get to relieve my stress by cutting things and frying things and sautéing things. Its pure joy. Then I get to taste my creations! Here is one I made recently!

The after math of cleaning was messy but worth it! It was so yummy even though it doesnt look that great!

How to make it!

1 Box of scallop potatoes

1 can of cream style corn

1 pound of jimmy dean sausage (I used mable but you can use what ever you want)

1 colve of garlic minced.

Salt (to taste)

Pepper (to taste)

Prep: 15 mins ; Cook time: 30

Preheat oven to 450

Heat up a skillet on medium high heat with a little oil and brown up your minced garlic. Poor onto bottom of casserole pan. Next fry up your sausage until there is no more pink but not well done! While the sausage is browning open the can of corn and pour into the casserole pan. Open the box potatoes and follow the instructions mixing that season mix and liquid with the corn. When sausage is browned add into the pan. Add the potatoes. Season with salt and pepper!

Slide into your preheated oven and cook for 30 mins.

Take out and let stand for 6 mins and ta-da you have the picture above! Trust me it taste better than it looks.

Well yep have a great night


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