I tend to think of things in many situations. All leading up to the typical ceiling thought.

Yes I stare at the ceiling when I think.. I like to think a lot. 

Honestly it feels great, how a plain white ceiling can help lead to great factors of thought. 

A lot of my stories and poems are created through ceiling thought. 

Another thing is when my younger sister (Christina the 19 year old) shoots me down on a sleep over in her room. Its devestating. Like excuse me missy. 

I will force you to share your twin bed with me! Shoot she is 5’3 and a toothpick there is room! 

Another thing is .. My boyfriend Matthew .. He will be here from the 17-19 like Omg. I’m so excited. Nothing better than being able to hug him and hang out with him in like touch of life. 

Things of all things. 

Here are a few things I adore and love. 

What about you?


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