Long Time No see! 

Hello wonderful world! Kay is back and ready for action. I took a well deserved break but I am ready to blog my heart out! 

What is new in my life?

Well so many things have happened it’s like hm? Where to begin? 

Let’s begin I did end up meeting Matthew in PERSON! Honestly it was really amazing experience. Sadly I have to say that we are longer a couple anymore but we are still friends. Woo! 

I also have gained and lost some friendships along the way as well. I would love to introduce my favorite new Alien! 


lol this is Josh! My friend. Yes I put him on blast but honestly I don’t care. When you become my friend your pictures will be posted places! 

I also have been medically released from all of my Leg issues stuff! Like yeah! 

Oh and here is a picture of Dylan! You can finally see my Bestest of Friend 

See that Fabulous shirt 💜💜😂 ^

At this point I just have no idea what to even talk about! 

Well have a fantabulous day!! 


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