A really long time no see!

So back in April I posted saying “Long time no see”. Updating all of you about my life and saying I was coming back. As you can see by the long distance between April and October that didn’t exactly happen.

I would love to say I’m back for good but that would end up being a lie because I tend to drift off and not exactly stick to things. I started this blog about a year ago to help me get used to writing as it was recommended by a book author I was reading at the time, to help me write a book quickly. With that I also started writing a book. I can say last month I finally completed one entire chapter of that book. Sad honestly.

Writers block! It’s terrible trust me getting up every morning and opening up the computer to type and nothing comes to mind. Nothing I can spill to the page.Sucks!

I decided to come back and look at my blog and I made a decision to delete all my posts referencing my ex. Which is almost all of my posts. At the time I didn’t care, I didn’t want reminders of him. Of our relationship or the friendship. Now looking at it if I deleted the posts you wouldn’t have gotten to know a part of me. Dating him taught me a lesson and made a part of who I am today. So I kept them.

He may be an annoying jerk but I know someone out there will come to love him and I hope he will find his happiness eventually.

Things have been tough but I keep trucking through. Dylan leaves for boot camp next month and honestly I’m scared. I know I shouldn’t be and I’m proud he is going into the military! Yet a girl can have her weaknesses. A girl can worry about her best friend right? Gigi’s moms friend son died while at boot camp.. Just knowing the dangers at bootcamp make me nervous. Yet he is smart and I know he will stay safe. I miss him so much!!

I have no idea how to end this thing but have a great day and stay safe.





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