Camping (in the front yard)

So my family loves to camp. I used to love it as a child but as I get older that eventually faded.

As I got older my love for nature and all things they consider “fun” disappeared. Well a few months back my parents bought a camper for camping. They love the darn thing so much they camp like all the time.

This weekend my mom thought it would be a great idea to camp in the front yard. Now it’s not like all my siblings are home no-no.. My sisters are away, my brother moved out a while ago and my little brother is staying his friend’s house. So at home it was just me. Now I decided to go my grandma’s but I felt bad for leaving my mom cause she got all excited that I was going to “camp” with her.

I should have went to my grandmas. I should have just gone. Not saying I didn’t have a nice night/day with my mom but I don’t do the cold and the beds in this camper don’t do justice as my mom described them.

As of right now my grandma is actually blowing up both of our phones. It’s not like we haven’t talked to her today. Oh my grandma is something else I swear. Laughing out loud she was calling to see if I wanted to go to Cici’s Pizza. Sadly I made my own meal and am about to eat it so I denied.

My aunt and uncle were here a little earlier and had my aunt cracking up. I mean I do enjoy time with the family!

How was your Saturday?



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