Good Morning To You From Me!

Good Morning Sunshine. Sunday the day everyone usually attends mass or like just church if y’all aren’t catholic. I’m not catholic either but I know what mass is. Other than compound matters and what not.

I’m sitting. Not sipping on tea which sounds wonderful at the moment. Waiting on my best friend who is in the process of getting ready. I can tell you she takes forever to get ready. We’ll most likely be late.

Those days happen when you somehow manage to run behind even though you woke up at eight am and all.

This week was my spring break. Like I mentioned in my last post that I work for my county schools well the transportation side. So I’ve had a week off and it was wonderful. Today is the last day and off to work I go tomorrow.

60 plus kids I deal with on the regular everyday. My students, my little burst of balls of energy. Always hyper on the bus. Working as a Monitor isn’t as easy as it looks. Especially  when you have so many personalities on one bus, trying to figure out there place in the world. Seeing them struggle with stress of daily school life, home life, etc. I remember those days.

Today I get to go to church and see so many familiar faces. I’ve been attending this church since I was a year and a half. I almost know everyone. I fortunately get the honor of watching and taking care of six weeks-Two year olds. Every Sunday and Wednesday. Watching them grow and learn is precious.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday!



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