Every Tuesday

Tuesday, the day that comes after Monday. The day my mom, aunt and uncle decided would become my grandmas “chemo” day. Today is Tuesday. Today is my grandma’s chemo day. In a few hours she will go to have said stuff pumped into her body again. I don’t worry for she is never alone because my aunt is always by her side comforting her as the hours pass by.

On Tuesday the day feels longer. I know to pack a lunch and my laptop cause I will be spending the whole day at work or I might catch a ride down the road to my moms work.

My coworkers make me smile and laugh cause they know a family member going through chemo is tough. I’m fortunate to have their prayers and support on these long never ending Tuesdays.


They laugh at me for taking selfies like these above. Sometimes you have to figure out things to do.

There is nothing better though then looking at memes. Those cheer me up on a Tuesday. Here are a few that made me giggle this morning. IMG_3621IMG_3622


So I sit here Alone. Waiting for my favorite coworker to make her presence known. Praying my grandma has a better day at Chemo.

I hope you all  have good Tuesdays


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