Happy Easter/April Fools

What a funny coincidence. Easter and April Fools on the same day. Honestly I have no clue how I was going to open this. Especially with loud family around. Some are catching up, others are preparing food. My step brother thought he was just going to be funny and mess with my mouse as I type. Boy not today! My fingers are fierce with not so fast typing skills. I got some nails I can do some damage!


I’m currently at my mamaw’s house just chilling as I write this. This cute little home above.  Everyone is talking about chocolate behind me. Making me wish I brought my giant chocolate selfie bunny.

While we are here we will partake in some fun traditions. Well the egg hunt is currently happening behind me in the living room. My step sister and her boyfriend are searching for them as my little brother laughs. The other is a board game called Aggravation.


A six player game where you either go head to head or team up to take the other players down. An intense game that takes strategy and straight up asshole qualities to piss off the other players as you make them cry from losing. In the end you scream in victory and piss them off even more. There is nothing more fun then watching your family become angry at each other with sheer brute force and passion as they slam your marble in the starter area and watching them start over again. A race of who can be the best first! Now this is a game.

Whats even better is getting to the house before all your other siblings because we’re all now grown and getting the last licks of the icing from the cake your grandma just finished icing. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Never knowing what they missed cause they left the house late. I’m happy with my sugar rush from the last few licks I got before I snuck into the kitchen and threw it away.

What is even greater on this day is its April 1st. The Fools of the day. There is nothing better than seeing april fools pranks on Facebook. My favorite two were Harry Potter pranks that I happen to see. Sad at the same time.

To think someone went through all this trouble to make such realistic movie poster that will never come to pass. Props to the people who made these! I feel bad for the people that believe these are coming out.

While I laugh and spend time with my family I know my best friend is dreading school work. College life is tough. Between the tests and essays. I’m such a horrible person that I laughed at her ‘pain’.


This is probably her right now ^

Church also went well today! I was expecting …

Twin Tears

This ^

But instead it was mostly ..e7d39a4d802eb8a6ac74349b7f1dced6

This ^


Well I hope you guys have a great Easter/April Fools. April-Fools-wishes

Expecting more next week in the life of Kay.


Meme Of The Day:




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