Sometimes I’m Forgetful and It’s Annoying.

Have you ever just been relaxing enjoying the free time you have and you realize. You totally forgot to do something important. Like homework, or something work related. Well I totally forgot to blog all this week. Work has had me busy that I forgot to blog. Sad face.

So here I am sitting listening to my boyfriend twitch broadcast. His friends are so weird. He thinks I left the live stream because of it. Well that’s what I lead him to believe. I originally planned to not listen to it but I’m bored.

I’m going to Disney tomorrow. Hanging out with my mom and two lovely little ladies plus my brother.

I also bought some new clothes. A cute jump suit, a dress, a few tank tops. Nothing wrong with pampering one self.

I also got two new students on my bus. One has shown up so far. He is so adorable.

Well I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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