I feel So Behind.


Hello everyone! I havent posted in weeks and I feel like im behind on like keeping this updated. So much has happened within the last month that I have been running around looking like a chicken with my head cut off.

So back in may my mom got a terrible tooth infection. She got prescriptions for it but none of it was working. A few days later she ended up in the hospital and was in the hospital for a week and two days. Had two emergency surgeries and almost died. The infection was so bad that spread down her throat and was going to go into her chest. If  it hit her chest basically you know game over. THANK GOD the doctors caught it in time and she LIVES!

During that whole process I had to care for my baby cousin that my parent care for temporarily. All while working I might add. When my mom got out I took care of her plus the baby. So basically for three weeks I was living at my mom’s house caring for her and a 9 month old.

Luckily I took the summer off and I’m relaxed so far. Tomorrow my grandma has surgery. Double mastectomy procedure. So I’m going to crazy busy running around my house taking care of her. (I live with my grandma). In the mean time while she is sleeping I’ll try my best to remember to update my blog. I have been watching a lot of new shows and Sims 4 Seasons will be coming out so I’ll tell y’all about it.


I’m currently writing this as my baby cousin sleeps. Woo to babysitting. I’m hearing rustling over the baby monitor so he is either just moving in his sleep or is awake and laying there. He is an odd baby.

Have a great day and hope to update soon


P.S. My featured image is a sim toddler I just made today. Meet Zachariah Holliday

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