The Originals *Season 1*


The Cast of Season 1 ^

Do you love drama? Action? betrayal? Family? If anything it all combined in one? Well this show is perfect for you with a twist of the supernatural. Derived from the Vampire Diaries, this spinoff takes. you through an emotional adventure of a life time. I know that I’m way behind when it comes to shows since this show is about to premiere the fifth season. Yet late is better than never.

How I even came to watch this show was hilarious. I was scrolling past it and the Netflix description doesn’t do it much justice along with throwing out there this is a Vampire Diaries spinoff. Honestly I was never a fan of that said show. Couldn’t get into it. So I thought I wouldn’t like this one. How I was wrong.

Have you ever been so bored that you find yourself watching tv show previews on Netflix? Well if not its okay. If you have HEY!! I feel you. So I was watching  The Original preview. There is action, family, drama. Yet I saw two actresses I recognized and I freaked out. It was like I was seeing my childhood before my eyes. Who knew these two would be together again on a show like this.

Who remembers H20 Just Add Water? Well Phoebe Tonkin and Claire Holt stared in that said show as Mermaids of Mako. Now they are playing badass chicks In this fantasy tv show.


Phoebe (in the middle) and Claire (to the right)

After seeing these two lovely ladies I never clicked play so fast.

Now from here on out I will be talking all about the show. If you have watched it great! Then you will know everything I’m talking about. If you havent and you plan on watching the show I wouldn’t continue. Instead I would turn on the show and come back and finish reading this post after watching season 1.  If you are wondering why I say this Well because SPOILERS. If you have no intentions of watching the show then proceed.

The Originals Season 1 Episode 1 : Always and Forever. This is the pilot episode of season one. It begins from the perspective of Elijah Mikaelson the third eldest brother of the original five vampires to ever be created on earth.

images Portrayed by Daniel Gillies.

As the show progresses you will see a ship seeming empty to the naked eye with only supplies and two coffins on the ground holding the second eldest brother Finn and the fifth eldest Kol who have been daggered by a special knife. Appearing from the shadows after attacking all the men is Rebekah Mikealson the second youngest of the Mikaelson’s.

The-Originals-Season-1-Promotional-Photos-the-originals-tv-show-35635742-1208-672  Portrayed by Claire Holt.

Soon after Elijah appears and speaks with whom is left alive and they found out they made it to america to a settling of New Orleans Louisiana. At some point while talking to the man you get introduced to Niklaus. Mikaelson. The half-brother to Finn, Elijah, Kol and Rebekah. He is also the fourth eldest and the only hybrid amongst the original five.

The-Originals-season-1-Klaus-Joseph-MorganPortrayed by Joseph Morgan.

The opening titles pops up and then you’re in present day New Orleans. Seeing Elijah in a bar looking for his brother Niklaus. As the episode continues on you end up meeting two more important characters. Marcel Gerard who is a close family friend to the Mikaelson’s.

maxresdefaultPortrayed by Charles Michael Davis

You meet him as a badass leader of New Orleans who is savage just like his fatherly figure who you end up learning later is Niklaus. His rule of the New Orleans have driven the werewolves out of the French Quarter and forbidden the witches to practice magic. If you practice magic you are sentenced to death. By this time you meet him he is standing over a dead body talking to the witches and Elijah. He steals the body of the witch he kills.

At this point the witches are trying to use Elijah to convince Niklaus to make Marcel trust him again and take down Marcel vampire clan. Niklaus wants nothing to do with the witches and still secretly plans to take back all of the French Quarter from Macel anyway. To persuade the Mikaelson boys to help they keep Hayley a pregnant Werewolf captive and hexed. They learn then that the child is actually Niklaus’s. Since he is a Hybrid he can actually have children with fellow werewolves.

Phoebe-Tonkin-as-Hayley-Marshall-Promotional-photos-for-The-Originals-Season-1-hayley-36999757-245-365 Portrayed by Phoebe Tonkin

Niklaus acts like he doesn’t give a crap about the child and the girl, while Elijah is all like brother, “This is your chance as a family.”

As the season progresses Niklaus becomes fond of the idea of having a child. Feelings form between Elijah and Hayley. Eventually in the show either episode one or two Rebekah shows up upon Elijah request. In doing this the entire French Quarter becomes uneasy knowing ALL three Originals are back in town.


Eventually over time Hayley goes to live in the bayou with her pack. Niklaus gets control of the French Quarter. They soon learn that the witches didn’t lure Niklaus back in hopes to stop Marcel but in actuality to get back a young teenage witch who is the last to be sacrificed for a ritual they call the Harvest. Who is being held and kept safe by Marcel and then Niklaus when he takes over. The young witch name is Davina Claire and she is an important part of the show as well.

Danielle_Campbell_photoshoot_3Portrayed by Danielle Campbell

Soon over time Davina has to sacrificed to the Harvest because all the power she holds begins tearing her apart and causing chaos to the town.

As the show goes on Rebekah leaves the town due to Niklaus giving her blessing she can leave. Honestly what happened between them was so much drama it would be a post within itself.

Eventually Niklaus makes a deal with the werewolves to make them moonlight rings cause he wants them to return and rule over them. That plan goes to shit. Also during the duration of season 1, Esther their has to be buried and concencrated into the ground of Louisiana for part of the Harvest to work. That was a BAD plan.

Turns out the girls who were killed in the Harvest come back. Not all at once due to some stupid 200 year old witch named Celeste who is Elijah’s old lover. Who was all about revenge on the Mikaelson’s. Brought back 4 different witches and of course those were all killed.

Well after 3 of the 4 harvest girls came back they are able to speak to the ancestor. Even Esther. The Mikaelson’s mom. She wanted Niklaus’s baby to be sacrificed for the 4th girl to come back.  Hayley gets kidnapped and it sends her into early labor. Niklaus is forced to watch the witches help birth his daughter and steal her. Also he has to watch Hayley be killed. You must be thinking. If Niklaus is an original hybrid vampire why can’t he just kill them all and save his child. Well that was his plan! Niklaus doesn’t think through his sometimes noble actions.

Going back to Moonlight rings. Moonlight rings allow werewolves the ability to walk around and not change on a night of a full moon. To make these rings you need a lot of ingredients along with blood of a werewolf. What Niklaus didn’t know is that when you give your blood as part of the ring. It draws and takes energy and strength from the person of said blood. He made 12 of them! All being taken by an enemy pack.

So when he barges into the old church where Hayley is giving birth. Niklaus is bested by the witches by being so weak.

The witches run off with his child and leaving Hayley dead. When Elijah arrives Hayley is in Niklaus’s lap and Elijah is furious with Niklaus. They run off to save the baby and leave Hayley laying in the church just dead. What they didn’t know is since she has the blood of her daughter who is flowing through her. Hayley comes back as a Hybrid.

They save their daughter but since their mother wants that baby dead. They have to send her away for her safety. Rebekah comes back to take and care for the child until Niklaus will send for her.

They have to pretend the baby died. Which leaves everyone in the quarter heart-broken.

The first season ends.

Even though I gave a good amount of spoilers I did leave out some stuff about the show. I do recommend watching the show. I am now on the fourth episode of season 2. I will be back to update you all on season 2.

Review Rating 8/10

Drama Rating 10/10

Anger Rating (How mad you get at the characters) 5/10

Have a great day and enjoy!


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