My Boyfriend 2018

So in a few weeks I will have my 9 month anniversary with my boyfriend. Funny and awkward enough my new boyfriend is also named Matthew. No this wasn’t planned. I never intended to fall in love with a boy named Matthew. Not after my last experience with a boy named Matthew.

Yes I said love. It’s not very often that I come to love people. I only have loved two men in my life. My old best friend Dylan due to circumstances we are no longer friends, and my newest boyfriend Matthew. It makes me happy knowing I have someone who cares for me despite my condition.

If you’re curious about this boy let me start from the beginning. I met Matthew two years ago in a Skype call. I was added in by an old friend and he just happened to be in the call. When I was added in I come to recognize the normal boys who were always in calls. Yet when I heard this unfamiliar voice, it brought surprise and shyness. I don’t normally get shy in online calls yet that day something just made me quiet. Maybe it might have been when I was tipsy. Who knows.

A few weeks have gone by and he was added in this group I was in at the time. He was cool and I decided to add him to my personal group that was considered the “Josh Free Zone.” In this group we were free to giggle and make jokes and not worry about Josh having his hissy fits and being Josh. From there I formed an acquaintance with him. We talked occasionally. Then life happened and we didn’t talk for almost a year.

Then fate brought us back together. We were both going through a tough time and just happened to comment a silly flirty joke on a comment feed and then it led to us talking almost every day for 4 months. During these 4 months we grew close and we learned all about one another.

As we got closer we grew to be dear to one another. We found ourselves talking late at night on the phone falling asleep with one another. We laughed and made jokes. Then one day I felt this feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time. I had this strange urge to tell him I loved him. Yet that would be absurd. We are only just friends right? What if he didn’t love me back?

I found myself typing it and then quickly erasing it. To nervous to move whatever we had forward. Then one day I just did it. I just told him I loved him. WHO KNEW HE LOVED ME BACK?? I was so surprised but excited at the same time.

Not long after this he asked me out. Even though distance has kept us apart we don’t let that stand in our way. You must be thinking not another long distance relationship? Do you ever date boys in your own state? My answer is no. Cause boys here just are eh. Also I quite like long distance relationships. Yes they are more challenging but you have such a better relationship I admit. Due to being apart you don’t form a physical relationship. Now a days so many relationships are lust based that when it comes to emotions and mental the relationship falls apart. People focus so much on the physical they don’t work on the mental and emotion part of a relationship.

Being in a long distance relationship, you have no choice but to work on the mental and emotion part. Cause that’s all you have. So when you fall in love with the person. You’re not falling for their body or lust. You’re falling for the person. Their soul. That’s what makes long distance relationships beautiful. So when it comes time and you see your other half in person. You don’t have to worry about the mental cause you have that all figured out. You have to move with the flow of the others atmosphere and build a physical relationship.

So to all the people out there who are misunderstood cause you’re dating someone a thousand miles away from. No need to worry, that relationship is special and keep pursuing him/her.

I’m excited for my 9 months. We have not planned anything that day. Hopefully we will figure something out.

I hope you all have a great day/night.


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