Accidentally In Love

I love drama, romance and comedy and you what countries knows how to combine those three best. The asian’s countries. Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc.

I find my self so engrossed in a drama that I tend to lose track of time. Lately I have found my self bingeing a Netflix original Chinese Drama called Accidentally In Love. It is only 30 minutes per episode with a total of 30 episodes and I promise you this romantic comedy is worth the time. I’m so sad that I finished it and hope that it may get a season 2. It is rare for asian countries to have more than one season when it comes to a drama.

Just a warning there will be spoilers through out this post. If you would like to see it for yourself. Stop here and go watch it. If you want the spoils and have no intention on watching this show. You may continue.

Accidentally In Love is based from the view-point of two main characters or the “Main Roles”. Mostly it centers around an heiress named Chen Qing Qing.


Portrayed by Sun Yi Ning.

Qing Qing tired of her wealthy lifestyle and controlling grandfather runs away during her engagement ceremony to Lu Jing Yang. In this process her grandfather cancels all her credit cards hoping to stop her. Yet he was too late and she bought a plane ticket to Yuncheng. There Qing Qing hopes to learn and find her father whom she has not seen as a child by attending his old college.

After arriving to Yuncheng. She changes in her disguise which she wears for the majority of the show. This disguise consists of a nappy curly hair wig pulled out of her face, faux freckles and large glasses. In doing this she hides her “beauty” and now is classified as ugly throughout the show.

Starving and hungry. Qing Qing goes to a street cart to buy food with the only money she brought. In the process of walking to said cart. She bumps into Gu Nan Xi.


Portrayed by Ma Li.

Sending both of their bags and them to the ground. She apologies to Nan Xi picking up what she thought was her bag. That’s right the cliché bag mix up. He walks off with her money and she is left broke with his textbooks. So hungry that she acts as a beggar in hopes to get money. Yet she fails to get any form of money due to looking not homeless.

She is mentored for a few minutes by a homeless man and is made to look like beggar. When she returns to hope to get money her bodyguards show up. She flees from them. In doing so she runs into a concert crowd. Where she stops and gazes upon Si Tu Feng or also known as “Your Highness” an Idol Singer.


Portrayed by Guo Fiction.

She watches him perform on stage. She then runs when her bodyguards find in her the crowd. The scene cuts to Feng, his fathers guards are waiting to take him to his father’s wedding. A wedding he wishes not to attend. To escape his fathers guards Feng cross dresses as a women. His not smart manager gives him up causing his fathers guard to chase him as well.

The scene then cuts back to Qing Qing who runs into an alley seeing Feng dressing back into his male attire. Amazed that women just openly dress in public, questioning what type of city Yuncheng was. Revealing Feng was indeed a male he didn’t have time to say much before Qing Qing guards came running around the corner. Qing Qing throws Feng against a wall and wraps his arms around her making it look like they were two bystanders just kissing. Not soon after Feng’s fathers guards came around the corner. When Feng insists he needs to act like he needs to kiss her, she refuses. Yet a guard bumps Feng into Qing Qing and they kiss.

Qing Qing stares in shock as her first kiss was just taken by some random stranger.

images copy

Upset by this she tries to hit Feng and spouts about how her bag was taken by some guy and how she has no money. So Feng see’s the phone that was in the bag and recognizes it as Nan Xi’s phone. Who just happens to be his best friend. So Nan Xi calls his phone and Feng answers. Making it seem like Nan Xi is this mean guy who refuses to return her items. Acting like her “savior” he drags her to an unknown location. Feng’s fathers wedding ceremony. Before they enter they run into Nan Xi. Of course to go along with Feng he acts all mean. Then not allowing Qing Qing to leave Feng drags her into the ceremony on stage and announces onto all the people its his ENGAGEMENT CEREMONY.

This is where the first episode ends. Crazy so much has happened in 30 minutes.

Episode 2 begins

Were back at the wedding and everyone is like shocked by what Feng has just announced. They do a scan over the room and you see a confused Nan Xi and an annoyed Lin Yi Yang.


Portrayed by Zhao Yi Qin

Qing Qing tries to deny what he said and then Feng pulls her close and whispers he would give her an unlimited credit card if she went along. You know due to her needing money she snatches the microphone from him and basically goes on about them being love and then Feng pulls her into a passionate kiss. They get off stage. Feng tells Qing Qing to eat up while he walks over to his father.

Qing Qing is making a plate when she is approached by Lan Xin Ya.


Portrayed by Cheng Mu Xuan

You can tell by the look on her face that she gonna be a pain in the ass of a character. Obviously she is the female best friend of Feng. Who is also in love with him. She judges Qing Qing on her looks and assumes she can buy her off with money. She writes a Qing Qing a check and when she goes to hand it to her she drops it. Qing Qing bends down to pick it up. During this she ties Xin Ya dress to the buffet table. She proceeds to stand and takes the microphone and announces that Xin Ya just gave her a check congratulating their engagement but turns down the money throwing back the check at Xin Ya. This upsets Xin Ya and when she goes to walk away she falls taking the buffet table with her.

Qing Qing runs out the room and hides in a dressing room. Meanwhile you learn that Feng and his father make a deal. Feng’s father will cancel his wedding if Feng cancels his engagement. He agrees and leaves.

Cutting back to Qing Qing. She is freaking out how to leave the party without being stopped by the guards. Her only conclusion is get out of her disguise and dress as she normally looks. Nan Xi walks in as she is struggling to zip up the rest of her dress. She turns to look at Nan Xi and it goes into slow mo, with music and blowing of her hair. She asks him if he help zip up the rest of the dress. He does and she leaves.

The next day Qing Qing heads to the college only to see her grandfathers men waiting out front looking for her. She freaks out changes into her disguise and walks right past them. Hurrying to register because she had only an hour left. She pays with the unlimited card for her tuition, takes her picture for the school ID and heads to her dorm. There she meets her roommate Zhang Fang Fang.


Portrayed by Zhou Mo

Her roommate asks if she only came with the bag she brought. Qing Qing answers yes and then said how she thought the school would supply blankets and sheets. Fang Fang takes her to a store where she buys all the stuff she needs for her dorm. As they head back Fang Fang tells her about their class and who to avoid at the school. Then names off the top three most attractive boys at the college. Starting off with Nan Xi who is really smart, great at sports and is the president of the student council. Next is Yi Yang who is the bad boy bully of the campus and to stay away from him. Last is Feng, the idol star.

After she finishes telling her about the boys. Qing Qing looks up to see Yi Yang looking over the railing and Nan Xi and Feng walking right by her. Feng pretends he doesn’t know her due to a picture being leaked of their kiss. She is proclaimed as his Stalker and when confronted by Xin Ya about her attending their college she can’t prove she is a student because she forgot her ID in the dorm room. She is dragged off campus and Fang Fang tells Qing Qing that her ID isn’t in the dorm so one of Xin Ya little minions must have stolen it.

As the show continues Qing Qing becomes Feng’s deskmate, she starts a delivery snack service with Fang Fang, and auditions for Feng’s music video to help pay for Fang Fang’s fathers surgery. This will soon later bite her in the butt. Doing this she created an alternate identity as Qing Chen.

Qing Qing eventually convinces Nan Xi to join the student council. There she hopes to learn about her father. Yet she becomes an assistant to Hua Mu Nian who puts her to work.


Portrayed by Yan Hao Yuan.

As time goes by Qing Qing and Feng become basically the best of friends, They of course fall for each other but don’t admit to their feelings. Nan Xi figures out Qing Qing is Qing Chen and decides to let go of his feelings for her. He eventually tells Qing Qing he knows and with him she doesn’t have to hide anything.

During an episode when Qing Qing has to take care of her sick grandpa. Feng makes an unexpected trip to see her. Freaking out that Feng has no clue she is an heiress her grandfather figures out a plan. They go and find an old shack home and pretend she lives as a poor person who barely has much and farms. During this episode Feng and Qing Qing get very close and Feng confesses his feeling for her. He wants to date but she tells hims she would like to think about it.

Qing Qing returns from the trip only to be greeted by Yi Yang who blackmail her into staying away from Feng after he tells her he knows who she really is. She avoids Feng who just got back from South Korea. He finds her and she tells him its best they stay friends. Breaking his heart. He is basically depressed for a few episodes.

Qing Qing then wants to reveal who she is to Feng. Nan Xi encourages her when they have dinner together. They celebrate by having drinks, Qing Qing gets drunk and Nan Xi helps her walk and they stop to talk. With Nan Xi’s arms around her it looks like they are hugging. One of Xin Ya’s minions sees and snaps a picture. Xin Ya sends the picture to Feng.

The next day Qing Qing and Nan Xi are walking at a Zoo. Discussing Feng and Qing Chen. There Nan Xi tells her that he used to have feelings for her but has decided to move on due to Feng and Qing Qing liking one another. Nan Xi then says whether your Qing Qing or Qing Chen she is still special to him. Then they hug. What they didn’t know was Feng was standing there. So he learns the truth and is furious that they both lied to him.

Due to him finding out Qing Qing comes clean to Fang Fang. Eventually Feng gets over it and they share a passionate kiss in a clock tower. A few days later Feng is invited to a get away with some friends. He brings Qing Qing and Fang Fang along with him. This angers Xin Ya when she learns so she drags Mu Nian with her. At this point Mu Nian has been struggling about his feelings for Xin Ya. Who I thought was gay for the longest time just turns out to be a feminine straight male.

During this get away Feng makes his relationship official with Qing Qing. Devastating Xin Ya. Then Xin Ya tries to commit suicide by swallowing sleeping pills. They rush her to the hospital where her stomach is pumped. Qing Qing gets a call from her grandfather who turns out to be very ill. So she leaves to go home.

Feng is made to feel guilty about Xin Ya. Earlier in the show you learn that there was an accident with Xin Ya older sister. Feng lived but her sister died. Xin Ya friend uses this against Feng and convinces him to marry Xin Ya or she will keep trying to kill herself. Feng calls Qing Qing and they argue over Xin Ya and break up.

Xin Ya and Feng are in the middle of a engagement ceremony when Qing Qing crashes and says how Feng is hers and will never lose him again. Feng cancels the engagement ceremony and runs off with Qing Qing. Xin Ya devastated she cries begs for a knife so she can kill herself. Her friend tells her its useless cause he won’t come back this time. Mu Nian pissed off. Yells at Xin Ya friend blaming all of this on her and tells Xin Ya that she will find someone better than Feng and he will be there to help her find him.

Now I have been anticipating for Mu Nian to finally admit his feeling to Xin Ya. This is literally my favorite scene and thought how he basically confessed was amazing. Mu Nian drags Xin Ya to the beach for a get away. There she has just sat and stared at the sea for two days. Mu Nian complains about having to fish for food for those days. Xin Ya annoyed she tells him to man up.


She gets up and walks over to the tent. He follows her over.They are looking in opposite directions. He begins to start talking and they turn heads at the same time and their lips smash together. The following scene happens. (This is what is said)

“Hua Mu Nian, did you kiss me on purpose?”

“I didn’t do it on purpose, or did I do it on purpose?”

“Hua Mu Nian, why are you so –”

“So manly right? I think your kiss broke my spell. The frog finally became a prince.”

“You’re a female frog, the tadpoles are looking for you.”

“Cut the crap”

Then he pulls her in and they passionately kiss on the beach. I WAS LIKE YASSSSSSSSSS FINALLY!!!!

Then Feng’s agency wants him to go to the states, while Qing Qing new job wants her to go to Japan and work there.

What do they decide?

In the end I still think you should watch the show. I left out an amount of the comedy that happens in the show along with the important reveal about her father. I give this show 5 stars and I demand a second season that it won’t get.

Review Rating – 7/10

Drama Rating – 5/10

Anger Rating (How mad you get at charcaters) 4/10

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  1. Cyndi says:

    I too, am in love with Accidentally in Love! What an adorable show. I’m also in agreement that I would LOVE to see more seasons/episodes. The tunes are also very catchy. Too bad I can’t pronounce the words.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. KayIsKay says:

      Yasss ❤ My best friend is watching it and keeps texting me that I didn't tell her about certain scenes. I didn't want to spoil the whole show for her!


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