The 100 *Season 1*

.So lately I’ve been watching a lot of shows. Most of them to keep busy so I have something to write about later. I devote my life to sims, either recording videos for my Youtube channel or eating honestly.

About 5 years ago I watched the first season of The 100. Never watched anymore after that. Lately The 100 has been popping up either in trending, popular and recommendation on Netflix. So I decided that I would watch this show for the blog. Purely for the blog. I know I said that about the Originals too but I didn’t expect the show be so good and suck me in. This show hasn’t sucked me in. There a few reasons mostly due to being able to predict things, at times I slightly got bored. Honestly I skipped certain scenes that I thought were boring and unnecessary.

Yes, this show hasn’t been my favorite the few I’m reviewing but not every show will blow my mind.

If you want to watch this show and judge for yourself, stop here. Anything beyond here will be spoilers. If you are like my normal viewers and just want spoilers and details keep reading.

The show starts off with a voiceover and space. Telling the story about a huge necular war that caused the earth uninhabital and everyone took cover by fleeing to space. 12 stations came together in unity and created a large station called the Ark. There you see the main character Clarke. You learn its been almost 100 years since the war. Clarke is in a prison cell drawing a moon on the ground.

Portrayed by Eliza Taylor

All crimes on the Ark are punishable by death unless you are under the age of 18. Guards enter Clarke’s cell demanding that she hands over a wrist to put on a band. She then exclaims she isn’t eighteen yet, she still has two months. They put the wrist band on her and take her out the cell. She fights against the guard. Clarke’s mom shows up hugging her telling her that she didn’t have long and that the 100 of them are going to the ground. While Clarke’s mom is hugging her a guard shoots a tranq dart knocking her out.



Portrayed by Paige Turco 

Clarke wakes up on the drop ship. With 100 other kids. Ranging from all ages. She turns to see her best friend Wells Jaha next to her.



Portrayed by Eli Goree 

 He tells her that the got himself arrested because he didn’t want her to go down and die hating him. We learn that he told his father about something her dad planned on telling all of the ark almost a year ago that got him “Floated”. On the Ark the way you are executed is called Floated. Where they put you in a hatch that opens to the other side and it sucks you out into space and you die due to no oxygen.

During the ride down one of the teens decides to unhook from his seat and float around. You learn he is arrested for stealing and wasting oxygen to space walk and is called space walker aka Finn Collins



Portrayed by Thomas McDonell

Clarke tells him to get back in his seat yet he doesn’t listen. Two kids follow after Finn’s lead and float around as well. At this point the drop ship breaks through the atmosphere and sending all three of them against the ship walls. They eventually land. Finn survives while the other two boys die.

Not long after they land we get introduced to a jackass of a character Bellamy Blake. Who took one of the 100 spot on the ship. He is also the older brother of Octavia Blake. Who was imprisoned for being born.



Portrayed by Bob Morly



Portrayed by Marie Avgeropoulos 

They hesitate opening the drop ship door due to not sure if the earth is still covered in radiation. Octavia says the only way to find out is to go outside and opens the doors agaisnt Bellamy’s protest.

Cut back to the Ark you learn that the Chancellor Jaha (Wells dad) was shot by Bellamy Blake.



Portrayed by Isaiah Washington 

Clarke’s mom Abby just happens to be a doctor and breaks the rationing law to save the chancellor. In doing this councilor Kane takes it under his authority to act as acting chancellor,arrests Abby and plans to float her.



Portrayed by Henry Ian Cusick

Right when she is about to be floated chancellor Jaha saves her and pardons her. We soon learn after this that the ark is running out of oxygen and if they don’t kill 320 people they won’t have enough oxygen to last them 3 months. Abby being agaisnt this fights on not killing the “workers” of the Ark.

Cutting back to earth at this point all the kids are cheering and running around. Bellamy takes control as the leader and declares that there are no rules. Clarke says that they need to make a small group and go to Mt. Weather to go collect supplies. Octavia, Clarke, Finn, Monty and Jasper leave to get food and supplies.




Portrayed by Christopher Larkin (Monty)



    Portrayed by Devon Bostick (Jasper)

While they are gone Bellamy convinces the kids to take off their wristbands. With the help of Murphy they takes off Wells wristband by force.



Portrayed by Richard Harmon 

Back to the group they are going through the Forrest, they see a two-headed deer learn the forest glows in the dark at night, and ran into a river that had a man-eating snake thing (it looked like a giant leech to be honest) and it almost kills Octavia. Jasper jumps into the river to save her. During this journey Clarke tells the group that the oxygen on the Ark is failing and that is the reason why they were sent to earth.

At this point they need to cross the river. They find so rope vines and plan to swing across. Finn acts brave to cross but Jasper is the one that actually goes across. He lands on the other side picking up the sign that says its Mt. Weather and they were close. Clarke was about to cross when a spear comes out of no where and pierces Jaspar in the chest. Here they learn they are not alone. They all freak out leaving Jasper and head back to their camp.

When they head back Clarke learns what Bellamy is doing and tells him that they need those wrists bands to show the Ark that the earth is survivable because the oxygen is failing or people will be killed on the ark.

Cutting back on the ark. Abby is trying to figure why kids are “dying” and wants to find communication to the kids since their radio was destroyed in the landing.

Clarke, Bellamy, Wells, Finn and someone else go to rescue Jaspar because Clarke is adamant that Jasper is alive and needs to be rescued by hearing his moans and screams.

They split up to cover more ground and Finn and Clarke come across another river with a mini waterfall pool. Finn pulls Clarke into the water. Finn is great at tracking we learn and he finds Jasper and eventually all of them meet up, They get Jaspaer off this tree thing he is tied too. He is alive but very weak. In the process of rescusing him a jaguar comes out of no where and Wells shoots it dead with the gun he stole off of Bellamy.

They get Jasper back to the camp and for days he moans and almost dies. Wells saves him from medicine he made from red seewead that grows in the first river they found. As the show progresses Clarke learns Wells didn’t tell his dad about her dad. Her mom was the one told Chancellor Jaha about her dad’s plan. Wells gets killed by a little girl named Charlotte. Everyone thinks a grounder killed him until Clarke finds his knife which Charlotte stole to kill him. Bellamy tells Clarke not to confront him in front of the others and tell him cause it will all go south. Which it did becuase everyone voted to kill Murphy. They attempted to hang him and he begged Bellamy to stop this madeness. Instead Bellamy gave them what they wanted and almost killed him. Charlotte admitted to killing Wells. Clarke cuts him down.

Murphy then demands they give the people want they want and kill Charlotte. He then takes his followers and they chase after Charlotte. Clarke and Finn take Charlotte to their “Art supply store”. Clarke wakes up to Charlotte running away to give herself up to Murphy. Bellamy grabs Charlotte and runs from Murphy until they come a edge of a cliff. Clarke shows up and then Charlotte jumps off the cliff to fix things. Bellamy beats Murphy and Clarke tells him not to kill him but to banish him.

They go back to camp, Clarke being upset about her mom. She takes off her wristband to make her mom think she is dead. Yet Raven a teen on the Ark figures out they aren’t dying they are just taking them off.

Unknown-1 Portrayed by Lindesy Morgan

With the help of Raven they rebuild an old drop ship so Abby can go down to earth to make sure Clarke is alive and safe. But before she can another citizen on the Ark gives up Abby to councilor Kane. Where she is arrested once again. Raven gets away and heads to earth on the drop ship. 

Abby is pardon of all her crimes and then is kicked from her chair on the council. She learns that the 320 deaths were voted on and passed and it was going to happen 24 hours . Chancellor Jaha tells Kane he can become the new Chancellor because Jaha was joinging his fellow citizens in section 17 to die. 

Abby gets the word out to all of the citizens of the Ark that the Ark doesn’t have enough air to last them 3 months. That killing 320 people will give the Ark 4 months. To Kane’s, Abby’s and Jaha’s surprise was that instead of riotng. The workers volunteer for the “culling”. 

Cut back to earth. Raven makes it. Bellamy runs to the ship before everyone else. Octavia and him fight like always. And she runs off angry. Octavia falls and hits her head and is saved by Lincoln. A grounder. He takes her back to his secret hideout and takes care of her injuries. 


Portrayed by Ricky Whittle

Bellamy makes it to the drop ship and rips out the radio so they can’t contact the Ark. Finn and Clarke make it to the drop ship to find that it wasn’t supplies like she thought but a person. SHE IS FINN’S GIRLFRIEND. Awkward considering Clarke and Finn had sex … 

They find Bellamy and he confesses to the reason he got rid of the radio. Which he threw into a river. Raven breaks it to him that Jaha survived and they are looking all over for him. He then tells him what he did and they go garb the radio. 

They soon discover Octavia is missing. Jasper, Finn, Bellamy and a few others head out to look for her. They find her and knock out Lincoln. In the middle of all this Finn gets stabbed by a posion Knife. 

Raven is able to rebuild the radio from a old controller from a toy truck found in the “art supply store” and from the help of Monty. Lincoln is captured and tortured to help find the cure to save Finn. Octavia tries to tell them that he didn’t hurt like they thought and she eventually gets the cure out of him by cutting herself with his knife. 

Finn is saved, Bellamy is eventually pardon, the true enemy on the Ark is found. They get there hands on guns and then a war breaks out with the grounders. They tried to meet with the leader Anya but that didn’t end well. 

Portrayed by Dichen Lachman 

They discover on the Ark has less air than that originally thought. They only have 51 hours left before they all died. Chancellor Jaha figures out that if they used the Ark as a ship they can go back to earth. Jaha had to stay behind to manually larch. The Ark breaks off into the original 12 sections. Some of the stations explod and some others make it to the ground. The remaining kids minus a few, were captured by the people on Mt Weather and thats how the show ends. 

Like I said, you wanna watch it you still can. Of course I left out a lot of detail becuase thats just a lot of detail. Yes this show isn’t the greatest. Yet it’s something to pass the time away. Also they must be doing something right since its about to get a 6th season. 

Review Rating – 4/10

Drama Rating – 6/10

Anger Rating (How mad you get at characters) – 7/10

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