I Have a Youtube Channel XD

So I have a youtube channel. It’s a gaming channel that I started with my best friend over a year ago. We only used to do Sims4 videos but starting today we began doing other games/things on our channel. I don’t usually talk about my channel. Not a lot of people including some family know I make and post videos on the internet. 

I made videos for a while and then stopped. Recently I started up again by hoping this will help me to get back in the groove of living life. I was down and so depressed about my diagnosis I stopped making videos, I didn’t play sims as often stopping writing on here again. Just literally cried and ate all the time. Since I’ve come to the reality of this disease. I have accepted what is wrong with me and I’m starting a new. 

Here is a link to my Channel. I’m trying to get better at talking and not being awkward even though awkward is my thing. Writing can be so much easier! Have a fabulous Thanksgiving. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcpJ7ZH_EoIIfIY5faJRBww?view_as=subscriber

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