The 100 *Season 2*

Here we are with the another post about The 100. So right after I finished the first post I began watching season 2. Now I have to say season 2 was better than season 1. I didn’t have the urge to fast forward and I was curious on how this season was gonna end. What happened along the way, was interesting at times. Other times I was annoyed with characters.

From here on out there will be spoilers. If you want to watch them stop reading here. For spoilers and some deets continue!! Also all the characters I talked about in the first post are in the second season along with introduction to new characters. So only the new characters will have pictures.

Season 2 begins in a quarantine area in Mt. Weather. Clarke looks out the window only to notice that Monty (who was captured towards the end of season 1) is no longer in the room across from her. She calls at the person trying to get their attention to find out what happened to him. This person could not hear her. She then grabs hold of the IV stand smashes the camera and smashes out her window to open the door. Clarke then picks up a broken piece of glass and attacks the person. This person turns out to a girl who becomes an important role that helps her get everyone out of Mt. Weather. Her name is Maya.

Portrayed by Eve Harlow

At first Maya and Clarke don’t get along. Clarke questions everything about Mt. Weather. She fights against President Wallace and then figures out that the way the people in the mountain are staying alive is by doing blood transfusion from captured grounders. You will learn that everyone who lives in the mountain are sensitive to radiation and can’t go outside without dying.

Portrayed by Raymond J. Barry

Cutting back to the forest we learn Bellamy and Finn survive the rocket blast at the end of season 1. Lincoln is taking Octavia to his village. We learn later exactly where they are located in the US. We are told in season 1 it’s the eastern United States. It becomes specific when Lincoln says his village is by an old statute. When we see said statue we learn they are in ruins of Washington DC. West Virgina. We later learn the name of the village is TonDc (pronounced Ton DC)

Here we meet two more important roles in this season Indra and Nyko.

Portrayed by Adina Porter (Indra) 
Portrayed by Ty Olsson (Nyko)

Indra is a warrior while Nyko is the only healer left in his village.

We cut to the ark to see Jaha suffering from visions from hypoxia. He believes he finds a baby on the ark and that motivates him to find a way off the Ark and to earth. He succeeds by using an old missile to go to earth and crash lands in a desert.

Finn goes on a war rampage to find Clarke thinking the grounders took her. Finn and Murphy with Bellamy and another girl go look for her. Lincoln gets captured by reapers. We learn that Dr. Tsing and Cage are behind the creation of the reapers. Clarke also escapes from Mt Weather. Finn shoots and kills 18 in TonDC

Portrayed by Rehka Sharma (Dr. Tsing)
Portrayed by Johnny Whitworth (Cage Wallace)

As the show continues Lincoln is turned into a reaper. The Dr. figures out that the 47 can sure the 382 in the mountain. Cage the president’s son tries to convince the president to use the kids so they go to the ground. President Wallace refuses.

Clarke makes an alliance with the grounders Commander Lexa.

Portrayed by Alycia Debnam-Carey

To make sure the alliance was gonna work Finn has to die. Yes Finn dies, its sad but it happens. Clarke finds it hard to live with herself after she kills him. Yes Clarke kills Finn. Trust me that was the better way to go. Lincoln describes how they will kill him. It sounded horrible. Also Clarke figures out how to cure reapers.

Bellamy gets inside the mountain to act as a spy for Clarke. Raven with the help of Wick figures out how to disable the Acid Fog. We learn that the mountain men control the fog. Eventually Cage over throws his father and ends a Missile killing the majority of the 12 clan leader. Lexa and Clarke make it out safe thanks to Bellamy giving them warning. Yet the village was stilled destroyed to save Bellamy’s cover.

In the end majority of the characters I just named die but like 4 of them. Lexa betrays Clarke and makes a deal with the mountain men to save all her people leaving Clarke’s people to die. Clarke gets in with the help of Bellamy and Maya. Clarke kills President Wallace. She also kills everyone in the mountain. Killing Maya in the process devastating Jasper. Once she saves everyone she can’t stay in the village because she can’t live with what she has done. Bellamy tries to talk her out of leaving. She kisses Bellamy’s cheek and says goodbye. Now this is not how the show ends.

During the show we gets scenes of Jaha and a few people including Murphy looking for a “city of lights.” Eventually Murphy and Jaha are the only ones left. Jaha discovers a mansion and Murphy breaks into a light house that doubles as a house. We learn that a program known as Alie was expecting Jaha. There she presents him with the missile he came down in. The show ends.

I summed up a lot in this post. If you want more specific details. I say watch the show. This season was better than the first in my opinion. There is death of course, blooming romance, a lot more character development thank god! Season 3 posts is coming soon.

Review Rating – 6/10

Drama Rating – 7/10

Anger Rating (How mad you got at characters) – 7/10

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