It’s That Time Of Year Y’all.

I feel as if I have been doing a lot of “Review” like posts lately. So lets just sit down and talk. 

As were nearing the end of November, the christmas spirit is being stirred up. Stores are stocking for christmas, businesses are decorating. People at home are decorating. I know my mom is one of them. She currently has dragged out all our christmas decorations and it has taken over the living room. Before we know it our home will be decked out in all things christmas. We will have at least 3 christmas trees. One in the living room, one outside and one downstairs. 


My mom every year. 


I don’t have cats but I do have dogs and they still manage to break the ornaments. We also have a 15 month old baby in the house this year so this is gonna be fun. He is getting into EVERYTHING. Oh boy. 

I know this post isn’t long. Just a warning post to let you all know Christmas is coming to my blog. I will have christmas memes at the end of every post. I will be talking about different christmas movies, songs. Like go big or go home I say. 

I will be continuing on with my normal tv show discussions I guess I should call them. 



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