The 100 *Season 3*


This show was the most annoying so far of all 3 seasons. I never been more annoyed with characters in my life. Yes I still don’t think the show is that great but I’ve grown an attachment to the character Bellamy Blake. As long as he lives I will watch. ( Also cause im watching it for the blog)

Again if you want to watch the show or the season for yourself stop here. For some spoilers and my rant. CONTINUE ON!!

So far a lot of important characters that we meet in season one are alive. We do say goodbye to an original and we say goodbye to the new ones we meet like always. Below I will place a slide show of the original characters that are alive so you are reminded of their faces.


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I have to say the only good thing about this season is we get a timeline on how long they have been on the ground. We learn later in the show due to a flash back that I will talk about later where it says 6 months before the ground. Meaning they have been on the ground for only 6 months and so much chaos has happened. We learn in the first episode of season 3 that its been 3 months since the invasion of Mt. Weather that killed 381 people.

By this time Clarke has made a new name of herself. Wanheda which means the Commander of Death. Because who ever goes nears her or fights with her or against her will die. It was believed that if you killed Wanheda that you possess her power. Due to this she has a bounty on her head from the ice nation. We also learn that whatever A.L.I.E needed Jaha for worked. She has now successfully created the City Of Light and she needs Jaha’s help to get people there.


Portrayed by Erica Cerra 

On a routine scouting Bellamy comes across survivors from the farm station. Pike and Hannah Monty’s mom. They tell them that the only way they survived was killing grounders. That there is nothing good about them and blah blah. 

Portrayed by Michael Beach (Pike)

Portrayed by Donna Yamamoto (Hannah)


But during this time of finding these survivors they broke a peace ruling with the ice nation and Indra pops out of no where and is like we need to find Clarke she has a bounty on her head. We must save her before the ice queen gets her first. 

It cuts to Clarke and she magically has full on red hair and braids? I was confused too. Also during this time she is now into women.. She fell for Lexa which was not awkward if you can sense my sarcasm. I mean Lexa left her people to die. When she is captured and brought before Lexa she did want to kill her because she was still mad at her. 

We learn that Lexa wants to make the “Skaikru” which means Sky People in Trikru. The 13th clan. At first she didn’t think her people would want to do it but Kane thought it would be smart and went and accepted. 

During this point Pike and 35 of his station moved into Mt Weather. Of course a lot of people thought this was a bad idea since they just made peace with the grounders. They were right to think that. Echo an ice nation grounder came to warn Bellamy that the coalition was a trap and there was an assassin waiting to kill Clarke and the Commander. 

Portrayed by Tasya Teles

Echo made an appearance in season 2. She wasn’t in many scenes, she was one of the prisoners in Mt. Weather. She helped Bellamy while he was in there. Yet ice nation grounders are known to be the worst grounders. Pike didn’t believe her at first but Bellamy insisted that she was telling the truth and they went to save Clarke and Kane. Turns out they couldn’t be more wrong. 

While they travel to Polis which is the Capital for the grounders. Raven and Sinclair are looking for ways to launch the old missile before things go south in Polis. The assassin was not at the Coalition but Mt. Weather. He set off a bomb. Luckily Sinclair and Raven escape. 49 people died in total. Including children and Bellamy’s girlfriend. 

Portrayed by Alessandro Juliani (Sinclair) 

Sinclair has been a recurring character since the first season. He is shown throughout the seasons doing minor things. This season he played a key role in the help of the defeat of A.L.I.E. 

Speaking of A.L.I.E the A.I Jaha returns to the Ark which was originally named Camp Jaha was changed to Arkadia. There he tried to give people what is known as the Key.  

At Polis after it was discovered that Echo lied Bellamy tries to convince Clarke to come home. She refuses and insists she needs to stay to help keep her people alive. THIS JUST SETS BELLAMY OFF. Between Gina dying and Clarke not wanting to return just starts his hate fire for the grounders. 

For a good amount of episodes Bellamy is just against grounders except the wounded innocent. Pike becomes Chancellor. That’s right he leads which was the most horrible decision anyone in this show can make. The Ice queen is killed by Lexa and her son becomes King. He is important because he is the one who captured Clarke and took her to Lexa and not his mom. Lexa had him banished and she said she would lift it. Which was of course another lie. I wasn’t a big fan of her character. 

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As im sitting here I admit I lost track of what I was talking about. Murphy the douche of the show gets captured while teaming up with his new boo thang Emori. Once he gets to Polis he is questioned and tortured by Titus Lexa’s Flamekeeper. This poor kid has been tortured so many times by the grounders, like how is he managing to survive?

Luisa D'Oliveira
Portrayed by Luisa D’Oliveira (Emori)
Neil Sandilands
Portrayed by Neil Sandilands (Titus)

Now it is made very clear that Titus doesn’t like Clarke and thinks she makes Lexa weak. Especially when she has the opportunity to kill the last living Mt Man, Emerson.

Toby Levins
Portrayed by Toby Levins (Emerson)

Now Emerson made a few appearances in season 2 but nothing he did was worth mentioning really in the last post. He was the one who gave the ice nation grounder the pass code to bomb the mountain that killed 49 people. Of course he came back for his revenge and tried to kill Clarke and her friends but he failed. 

If you’re wondering does Lexa die? YES THANK GOD! After Clarke and Lexa do some love-making Clarke heads to her room to pack up to leave to go back to Arkadia. There she finds a beaten up Murphy and is stopped from untieing him by being held up at gun point by Titus. He shoots only to hit Lexa instead. 

After Lexa dies Titus performs the ritual to remove the “Flame” from her neck. This is what is passed down from “Heda” to “Heda”. Which is basically commander. They believe its reincarnation. When it’s actually an A.I. A.L.I.E 2. 

Lets talk about A.L.I.E real quick, Now she is a controlling A.I. She basically claims all of Arkadia and majority of Polis. You learn she was the one who bomb the earth. She thought she could solve the problem by killing off people. Cause the problem was to many people. Her creator Becca attempted to stop her but failed and was in space when the missiles hit the earth. She worked on the second A.I for two years before she returned to earth with the A.I in her body. You need to have special blood that got passed down over the generations to be able to use the Flame. If not it will kill you instantly.

After Lexa dies the conclave begins to find the new Commander. The ice nation brought their girl who has the same blood to compete. Now Ontari is crazy. She hacked off all the kids heads in their sleep to “win” the conclave.

Rhiannon Fish
Portrayed by Rhiannon Fish

Clarke remembers Lexa telling her that one of the nightbloods fled from the conclave. Titus reveals the name of the nightblood turning out to be someone who Lincoln has mentioned before. Titus gives Clarke the “Flame” dubbing her the new Flamekeeper and later he kills himself so he can’t perform the ritual on Ontari if Clarke gets caught. 

Clarke returns to Arkadia to learn that Lincoln was killed by Pike. RIP Lincoln, he is one of the original characters that die this season. As well as everyone else in Arkadia minds have been taken control by A.L.I.E. Raven included. 

Now the next part irks me to no end. They have to place Raven somewhere she can’t tell surroundings to give her position away to A.L.I.E. SO HOW DOES SEEING A GROUNDER THAT A.L.I.E HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE GIVE AWAY THEIR POSITION AND A.L.I.E WAS ABLE TO FIND THEM WITH HER DRONE? None of that scene made any sense to me and I’m like BRUH! 

Of course at this point in time Bellamy realizes that stupid choices he has made. Clarke and him have their serious moment. Now I’m a huge Bellarke or Claramy shipper. I think these two characters were made for one another just they are too stupid to realize themselves. As i’m yelling at the screen for them to kiss, my dog is farting and ruining the  moment. THEY HUG FOR CHRIST SAKE. UGGGGGH!!! Then they get “captured” only to tell the grounders they are looking for Luna.

Nadia Hilker
Portrayed by Nadia Hilker

A.L.I.E follows them and chips the boat captioned and his crew. Clarke tries to convince Luna to become the new “Heda” she refuses. Then Clarke tries to force it on her. There we learn the reason she fled from her Conclave is because she would have won. After killing her brother in the first round she had enough killing and never wanted to kill again. 

A.L.I.E makes it out to sea where they are. More people die and Jasper gets chipped. Yet we don’t learn until later when he acts weird and then stabs Monty. I feel bad for Monty because he goes through so much in the both 2 seasons that when he finally gets the girl, he is stabbed. He lives but poor Monty.

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Now these three above are important characters this season. They help with taking down Pike, and fighting A.L.I.E. Miller has been part of the show as a reccuring character since season 1. Yet he hasn’t done nothing big in the first 2 seasons that made me need to mention him. He is also the boyfriend to Bryan who shows up this season. He was one of the survivors of the farm station. He also helps take down A.L.I.E. Harper made her appearance in season 2. She was the first character they took bone marrow from in season 2. She is also a recurring character. She helped take down Pike, A.L.I.E by protecting Monty and Raven as they hacked into A.L.I.E.’s code. Harper is also the love interest to Monty. 

Jasper was chipped A.L.I.E knew of the plan to get to Ontari she sabotaged the plan by having Jaha hit her in the head and made her brain-dead. Clarke gets the idea to put the “Flame” into her and just pump the night blood into her body so it doesn’t kill her. She also swallows a key so she can go to the city of light to shut down A.L.I.E

She is able to pull the kill switch but A.L.I.E. reveals to her that the rest of the nuclear plants that didn’t get destroyed when the earth was bombed are melting. She estimated that in 6 months that 95% of the earth  will be uninhabitable even to them. 

As everyone is happy they stopped A.L.I.E Clarke tells Bellamy the reason she doesn’t look happy is that they didn’t fully save them. Then it ends. 

The song above basically is like the whole show. “O Death spare me over until another year”

Review Rating – 6/10

Drama Rating – 6/10

Anger Rating (How mad you got with characters) – 10/10


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