My Favorite Comedians

“I wasn’t a ‘hot chick’ in high school. I was ‘funny’ and a tomboy and probably a little uncomfortable with my amazing boobs”

Iliza Shlesinger

Hanging over in your seat dying from laughter, tears rolling from your eyes, snot running down your nose is the best way you want to spend your friday night. You can be braless, wearing old pajama’s from higshschool. You don’t need to worry about looking good. You can be an gross looking troll all you want. Friday nights are your nights! 

There is no need for socializing. Going out and getting messed up, trying to look sexy in front the hot ass dude while being shitfaced and puking everywhere. 

This has not been my own experince because i’m a boring 23 year old women.

My step sister on the other hand can vouch.

If you’re wondering if this how I spend my weekends. (being lazy and doing nothing)  You will be correct. I spend my weekend watching my favorite commedians either it being Iliza, Ali or Anjelah. 

My Life

I don’t know how many have you seen Iliza Shlesinger’s comedy specials on Netflix. If you haven’t sat down and watched all 4. You need too! They are LMAO. She is by far my most favorite female comedian. Her sense of humor is amazing she is sarcastic, blunt, very open and out spoken. She has me laughing so hard I almost pee myself. Her topics are relateable and I have to say she is worth watching. 

“The next time you’re out wherever you go to meet boys – a bar, a club, Little Caesars, whatever you like to do – and you see a guy that’s hot, go up to him and punch him in the face. If you’re hot, he’ll be like, ‘That was really cute. Why did you punch me? You’re so adorable, that didn’t hurt. Come back, let me show you how to punch. Don’t put your thumb in, you’ll break it. Let me cup your boob uncomfortably while I show you this.’ If you’re ugly – boom. He’s knocking you out ’cause no guy’s going to take that from an ugly chick.”

Iliza Shlesinger

The quote above is by far one of my most favorite things she has said in a comedy show. No you won’t find it in a special you will need to enter the land of youtube to locate this quote. 

Speaking of comedy specials here is something that made me laugh from her most recent special. I can relate, I was alive for a bit when there were still LANDLINES!!

From her latest special Elder Millennial
Here is a 6 min clip of  her standup so you get a feel from beginning to end. This had me loling. 
From her special War Paint

I mean Iliza is hard to top but another open, out spoken VERY blunt comedian that I feel is right up there is Ali Wong.

I just recently introduced her to Matt and his reaction to her was LOL. “Kaytlyn you’re too inoccent to be watching her.” My boyfriend still thinks of me as a inoccent school girl. When in reality i’m not and I have a dirty mind and sense of humor. 

Ali Wong is very open about talking about sex, some politics and acting out things you never expected to imagine an image of. She is open about how she wants to be done working.

She has two comedy specials on Netflix. As well as she is pregnant in both. 

Special 1
Special 2

As you can see she loves cheetah print clothes, she talks about it in her special becuase moms need sparkle back in their lives. I will post the quote below.

 “I used to hate on other moms for the clothes that they wore, you know, all the cheesy-ass animal print and loud metallic shiny shoes, and now I see something that’s bedazzled in rhinestones and I’m like ‘oh that looks nice, I think I’m gonna get that,’ because when you’re a mom you need sparkle to compensate for the light inside of you that has died.”

Ali Wong

 “I used to do a lot more jokes on sucking dick and my pussy. But now not as many because I don’t suck dick anymore. When you give birth to a baby they hand you a diploma that says, ‘Congratulations, you’ve earned the right to not suck dick out of obligation anymore.’ If my husband were to demand that I suck his dick I would laugh in his face. And then I would go to sleep and guess what, in the morning, he’s still there. Ain’t no consequence, we’re handcuffed together by a baby and a mortgage. Checkmate bitch, it’s over. You ain’t got nowhere to run. I don’t gotta suck your dick anymore, you owe me money.”


Ali Wong

I know its weird I have one quote after the other but this is by far one of my favorite things she says in her second special. She had me rolling, with tears down my face.

A minute snippet of her first special.
her interview on Ellen.
When she talks about dating skaters in her first special that was LOL. Yet skaters are hot.

Yes Ali seems hard core and Iliza is a sarcastic queen but lets move on to my last and final favorite comedian. Anjelah Johnson.

You all may know her from several movies she has done. Along with her comedy show that went viral on youtube about nail salons. 

it’s about 4 mins

Anjelah is a more chill comic. At times she can be edgy but her comedy is one where you can curl up in a blanket and scream YASSSS GURL at the screen. She talks about her experinces in life, her family, and how she didn’t do great in school. She can have you rolling laughing, as well as her impressions aren’t bad. One of the best things about Anjelah are her facial expressions. She knows how to express.

She is great with interacting with a crowd. She has four specials but one is Netflix called Not Fancy. 

“Where are all my Lesties at? That means Lesbian bestie.” Then she does that. 

She is also well known for her Bon Qui Qui at King Burger skit. Where I got the rude gif above. I will post the skit below so you can see it. 

It’s about 3 mins.

All three ladies are amazing. I recommend that you all should at least give one of these lovely ladies a try. Have a great day and I hope you get some laughs in the process. 

Christmas Meme of the day:

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