Santa’s Tree Farm

Every year for the last 15 years my family goes to a little tree farm located in Eustis, Florida. Where we cut down our tree and bring it home to slowly die over the course of 30 days.

Reindeer Ride at Santa’s Tree Farm. Credit to Santa’s Tree Farm.

You may be wondering why I don’t sound happy by this. I have a pine allergy. Knowing this I still had to go with them to cut down a tree growing up. It has become a tradition. Along the way we have brought others along on this journey to experience it with us.

There is so much you can do beside taking a hay ride out to the field to cut down the tree. You can play with animals, go through a maze, play on the “pillow”. You can ride horses or ponies. There is a zip line, and other areas for little children.

Isaiah and Daddymike
Playing with the hay on the hay ride out to the field.

It’s about a 15 minute ride in total if you stay on and go through both fields. Of course we got off to see if there were any good tree’s this year to cut down.


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We ended up leaving the field early due to a cactus incident with my brothers. Eventually we did find the tree we wanted in the precut trees. I can say now that I don’t hang out a lot upstairs like I did due to the pine tree completely decorated in our living room.

If you would like to check out Santa’s tree farm here is the link to the website.

Santa’s Tree Farm

Sorry my blog isn’t as detailed. I will try my best next time.


A cute photo of my mom, sister and I!

Christmas Meme of the day:


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