The Proposal


Growing up and still now I love Sandra Bullock’s movies. Ranging from movies she made in the 80’s to the movies she is still staring in now. Her movies give me life. Something just about this women just makes me happy and I would love to meet her in person.

So I was on my Hulu searching for Anjelah Johnson’s specials because Netflix only has one. When indeed she has 4! I found one but it was under a network add-on that I would have to purchase to use. Yet it gave me a month free so I’m like YASSSS I’ll do it. Like I said in my last post well a few posts before last that all I do is watch comedians.

After I finished her special

The Shiatsu Shimmy

I was looking through Starz’s movies and I saw THE PROPOSAL!! I clicked play so fast and curled up in my recliner and laughed away. When this movie came out on DVD my mom purchased it for me and I watched it so much, that I knew what scenes were coming before the scene changed along with the lines.

For some of you, you may be wondering what in the world is this movie? Some of you may have not seen it. Well it came out in 2009 so it’s been a while.

From here on out you will be getting spoilers. If you don’t want to be spoiled stop and go watch the movie. GO WATCH SANDRA AND DROOL OVER RYAN REYNOLDS SEXINESS!! AHHHH. If you want to be spoiled and have no intentions on watching it then continue on.

The Proposal is about a very controlling vindictive woman named Margret Tate.

Sandra Bullock

She is an executive book editor at Golden Books. The movie opens up with scenery only to learn its a television and you see her working out. It then cuts to Andrew Paxton who  wakes up late and you see him scrambling around to get ready.

Ryan Reynolds

The scene cuts between them back and forth, you see her walking to work on the phone while he is running to get her coffee and to the office before she arrives.Unknown-3

He succeeds this but only runs into the mail carrier and spills her coffee all over him. He convinces his coworker to swap shirts so it isn’t obvious he spilt her coffee.

Now Margret is the most hated and feared women in the whole office and unfortunately Andrew got stuck with the job of being her assistant. We learn he has been her assistant for three years. She arrives and he brings her, her unsweetened cinnamon light soy latte. As she turns around to her computer she stops him from leaving by asking who is Jillian and why does she have her number on her cup. There he tells her that it was his cup because her cup spilt.


That is a literal line ^. He deems that it would be pathetic if he has been drinking the same coffee as her for 3 years just in case her spilt. She agrees. She has him follow her to the office next door where she fires the other editor because he failed to get Frank to do an interview with Oprah.

They leave his office and the editor runs out after her and calls her a poisonous bitch. images

He argues back and forth with her for a while she threatens him, and then she tells Andrew that she needs him that weekend to go over all the books he had. He then tries to tell her that he can’t because it’s his gammy’s birthday but then says he will cancel and she was saving him from torture.

The scene cuts to him on the phone with his mom, giving her the news of him not making it. Margret comes out and he acts like he is talking to a customer or a writer. She asks him if that was his parents. He replies yes. She then asks if they tell him to quit. He replies everyday. He answers the phone and tells her she is needed in the chairman’s office right away.  She tells him to get her in 10 minutes because they have a lot of work to do.

The scene cuts to her walking to the chairman’s office and ignoring his assistant when she says hello. She enters the office and two men greet her. They then give her the news that immigration called and her visa has been denied and she is being deported. Yes that’s right deported. Her character is from Canada. She learns she has about 24 hours to leave the country and that since she won’t be in America she can’t work for the company so everything will be handed over to the editor she just FIRED!!! This made her upset.

Andrew pops in to tell her that Oprah’s assistant was on the line to talk about dates to schedule Frank’s interview. She tells him not right now. He then explains that he told her that she was otherwise “engaged” in another meeting. When Margret hears the words engaged she gets an idea. She calls Andrew in and then announces to the two men that she and Andrew were getting married.


Catching Andrew off guard and making it really awkward. The two men say how that’s great but just make it legal.

We cut to them entering immigration. The line is ridiculously long so Margret cuts the line. The man rolls his eyes and motions her to follow him.


They are now waiting in her immigration person/officer whoever he is office. He walks in and sits down. He then asks if this whole thing is a sham and is Andrew only marrying her to keep her from being deported so she can keep her job at Golden Books.

Turns out Bob the other editor, that’s his name called telling them that. Margret replies that he is a disgruntled former employee. Her officer person begins telling her he is basically going to dig into their personal lives and if nothing matches up to a T with what he finds and in the interview she is be deported indefinitely and Andrew will get a fine and up to 5 years in prison.

Denis O’Hare

He then asks Andrew who is very quiet if he has anything to say. He replies with how Margret and him were just two people who shouldn’t have fallen in love but did. He then tells him that the reason they kept the relationship quiet was due to the fact Margret was going to promote him to Editor and it would be unprofessional if the relationship was out in the open.

When the dude ask if they have told any family, we learn that Margret parents are dead and she has no other living family. Yet Andrew does and they will be telling them at his Gammy’s 90th birthday party. Where he used to live. IN ALASKA!!!

As they are leaving the building Andrew tells Margret he was serious about the promotion because he is looking at a fine and up to 5 years in prison.


He tries to leave but she shouts after him and she is like okay I’ll promote you to editor and he says right away not in 3 years. He also demands his novel he wrote gets published and it 20,000 copies first run. Then he tells Margret she needs to get on her knees and propose. images

As you can see from above she does. It cuts to the next scene where they are on the flight to Alaska. They begin talking about how Andrews knows every answer about her and she has 3 days to learn everything about him. We learn she is allergic to pine nuts and that she has a tattoo somewhere but we have no clue what it is. They announce they are about to land in Juneau, Alaska. She is all like I thought we are going to Sitka and he is like we are. How are we getting to Sitka is her next question. The scene cuts to them on this cramped tiny plane and she looks very uncomfortable.

The plane lands and out the window you see Andrew’s mom and gammy holding signs welcoming them.

Betty White 
Mary Steenburgen

They are introduced to Margret and Gammy or Annie says to Margret “Do you like being called Margret or Satan’s mistress? We have heard it both ways.” OMG JUST YASSSS!  As they are headed to the boat Margret see’s that the majority of the businesses in town are owned by Andrew’s family. Basically he is rich.

They get to the dock and we learn that Margret can’t swim and that his mom cancels the hotel reservations because “Family doesn’t stay in a hotel, you’ll stay in our home”.  Here I think is where Annie makes her comment which is one of favorites. “Did you see the shoes that broad is wearing?”

Margret takes forever getting down the ladder and has to wear this giant life vest while on the boat which is hilarious cause it looks like its taken over her neck. When Margret see’s his parents house she is like “That is your home?” As they are walking towards the house they learn his mom was throwing him a welcoming home party which they are not excited for. Margret asks why Andrew never told her he was rich. He replies I’m not rich my parents are rich. She says back that’s only what rich people say.

They enter the house and join the party. Here is where you meet Andrew’s dad. You can tell how he talks and address Andrew that they don’t get along.

Craig T. Nelson

Andrews parent’s friend learn that Andrew is an editors assistant and that Margret is the editor. So basically he is “dating” his boss. Andrew chases after his dad and they talks about his first impression and how his dad thinks that she is only his “meal ticket” Yeah he says that. He replies back saying “she isn’t my meal ticket dad, she is my fiancé. You heard me im getting married”

The scene cuts back to Margret and, here is where you meet my favorite character Ramone.

Oscar Nunez

So this character is a big character throughout the movie. He shows up everywhere. We meet him as a caterer at first. He is holding a plate of sushi and he is trying to convince her to taste it. She keeps saying no but he then SHOVES the sushi in her mouth and she chews. Now Andrew has horrible timing because when this happens he announces to the entire party that Margret and him are getting married. Causing her to spit the sushi out all over Ramone. I believe he says “Better out than in I always say.” I could be wrong but I really think he says something a long those lines.

Margret peaks around the corner and Andrew calls her into the foyer area. There we meet Andrew’s ex Gertrude or Gert.

Malin Ackerman

She then asks if she missed the story. They are like what story? She says the proposal story. His gammy is like yes we need to know. “How a man proposes says a lot about this character!” So Andrew is like Margret loves to tell this story. I’m not going to type up the entire story because that’s ridiculously long so below is the clip. YOU MUST WATCH IT!!!


 After this story takes place they demand that Andrew and Margret kiss! After a lot of pressure and not good enough kisses they give them this big fat kiss and this is where you notice the first feeling kind of change between them. A kiss can do that.

The party ends and they are lead back to their room. Here is where we meet Kevin this cute little dog, whom Margret is terrified of.  Annie tells them not to let him outside alone because the eagles will snatch him. They don’t necessarily believe her. Then Annie hands them this magical blanket which she says has powers. When they ask why she replies I call it the baby maker and their eyes widen and Andrew tosses it on the bed and Margret is like not on the bed.

So poor Andrew has to the sleep on the ground. His little platte consists of the baby maker being the bed, a pillow and a regular blanket. We see that Margret has packed silk pjs to Alaska. He questions it and she responds that she was supposed to be in a hotel room alone. Of course it being Alaska they have to use black out blinds due to the whole weird sun thing.

We see Margret laying in an awkward position and wakes up searching all over for her phone. She keeps yelling at Andrew asking where the phone is. He tells her and she begins to loudly speak on the phone. Andrew yells at her and she runs out the room and out front. In nothing but a robe and some rainboots. As she is trying to explain to Frank on why he should do the interview Kevin comes running out. Moments later an eagle gets Kevin. Margret chases after him and throws her phone at the bird.

She catches Kevin and grabs her phone only to be chased by the eagle.

so she has to throw her hand up to block the bird and he TAKES HER PHONE. Then she holds up Kevin and basically offers him back to the bird. Yet this bird is long gone at this point and she is still holding him up high in the air and is like TAKE THE DOG!!! From the window we see Andrews mom and gammy watching. They think she is playing with Kevin but they have no clue she is trying to feed him to a bird.

Margret tells Andrew what happens and how the eagle took her phone. He tells her he will order her a new one with the same number, and they will pick it up tomorrow. Andrew then tells her that she needs to get ready and that she is going out with the girls. Which she does not want to do. While they are away, Andrew and his dad get into the argument about his future and who will take over the family business.

Now to a scene that will make you laugh and fell uncomfortable at the same time!! The stripper scene. Now there is only one “exotic dancer” on the island. It just happens to be the one and only Ramone. First he is a caterer, now he is a stripper lord jesus. This scene will make you wanna do what Margret says which is “pluck my eyes out” You will not be able to unsee what you see. So I will scar you as well with this comedy genius.

It’s only 2 minutes and 22 seconds. If you’re brave enough click away. 

“Smack him.. Smack his ass.” LMAO!! This scene is something else I swear. After this Margret needs some air so she walks out front and Gertrude comes out looking for her. They talk about Gertrude and Andrew’s past together. We learn how long they dated for awhile and how he proposed to her but she turns him down.  He wanted to elope and move to New York but she didn’t want to.

The next scene, we see Andrew hacking at an old canoe and this upsets him mom. She marches inside and begins yelling at his dad. Margret tries to listen in but Kevin barking at her foils her plan and she runs away upstairs. Andrew walks in soon later blasting music and goes upstairs as well. For some reason Andrew is undressing on the patio. Not awkward. Margret is just getting out the shower and realizes she forgot a towel. She opens the door and see’s a towel cabinet is open and goes for a towel when Kevin reappears. She try to find different ways to get him to leave the bathroom but they all fail but ONE. She lures him on the rugs pulls him farther into the bathroom and runs out closing the door behind her only to smack into Andrew. THEY ARE BOTH NAKED!

Andrew and Margret begin screaming and she is OMG and he is like WHY ARE YOU WET? She tells him to cover up for the love of god and they begin arguing over why they are naked and Andrew walks into the bathroom. Margret huff and face plants into the bed.

The scene cuts to them in bed. Well she is in the bed and he is on the ground. They begin talking and Margret tells him some personal things about herself. He picks at a few of the things. They begin to sing one of her favorite songs they laugh about the high notes and then the scene cuts to the next morning.

So Margret at this point must just sleep in weird positions because we see her laying out across the whole bed. She jumps away and sees herself in the mirror. She begins to fix her hair and puts on a little lip gloss and pinches at her cheeks. Right when she lays back down she hears a knock at the door and freaks out. She throws a pillow at Andrews head LMFAO. He wakes up and looks at her and she is like your mom is at the door and he jumps up throwing the pillow she just threw at him back at her. She tosses it to the ground. As well as the baby maker. He is asking what should he do and she is like spoon me and when he does she is like OMG! Giving him this look and he is like it’s morning and she is like ohhhhhhhh! Getting what he is insinuating at. So they cuddle and his parents come in.

The up coming news his parents tell them shock them. They want them to get married in the barn the next day. Of course they are like no we can’t it’s gammy’s big 90th birthday tomorrow. She comes in and is like I had 89 birthday parties, I don’t need another one. They eventually convince them to do it after Annie say before I’m dead. They then discuss how possibly doing this could kill his gammy and will crush his mom. She is like it will be fine and says we will have a quickie divorce and things will be okay.

She then is like I’m gonna go out and get some fresh air. The scene cuts to her riding a bike through the forest and it going .. well bad. She almost crashes but stops in time. As she is catching her breath she hears drums. THIS IS THE MOST FAMOUS SCENE FROM THIS MOVIE.

Chanting Scene   – It’s about 3 mins and 11 seconds.

From here they head into town and grab the phone that she needed to get. So as they walk into the store guess who appears. Famous Ramone, he brings up his dance he did for her. Eh the memories, poor Margret. Andrew tells her some facts about certain junk food snacks he likes. She listen to her messages and curses and tells Andrew that she needs a computer. He takes her to an internet cafe where the computers run on dimes a minute. Yep that’s awkward. They look up and see Gertrude walking a bunch of little kids though town. Andrew goes outside to talk to her as she does her thing. Herr we get partially look of regret of what she is doing to Andrew.

The scene cuts to them walking back to the boat where they are stopped by Andrew’s Mom and Gammy. They take Margret to fit her for the wedding dress she is going to wear at the wedding the next day. We learn it was Annie’s dress and she was knocked up when she wore it so the chest was a bit chesty. Annie then tells Margret about their family history and how her great grandma was a lot like Margret. Strong and Stubborn. Didn’t take no for an answer. Andrew’s mom comes back and they start talking about the Holidays. After this whole talk this fully enabled Margret regret mode.

She jumps into the boat where Andrew sits waiting and basically hijacks the boat and Andrew is like “What’s wrong”. Then she starts venting and he is like we are gonna be able to do this. It’s okay you said it yourself.


They almost run into a buoy thing whatever it is. So he has to swerve out-of-the-way knocking her into the freezing ocean. So he is talking to her or thinks he is cause he has no clue that she fell into the water. Margret can’t swim like I mentioned eariler so he has to hurry back and get her before she drowns.

They get back to the house where they are confronted by Andrew’s dad. They all go into this shed and they are graced the presence of the immigration officer guy. Here is where he says that he fully believes this whole thing is a sham (which it is) and that he is giving Andrew 20 seconds to admit to the sham and he gets off free and Margret goes back to Canada. Andrew looks this dude dead in this eyes and says into the recording device. “Margret and I began dating six months ago. We fell in love and I asked her to marry me.” BOLD MOVE ANDREW.

They are in the room and they are talking and Annie comes in to take Andrew and the baby maker away. The scene cuts to the wedding. Guess who is the guy that is marrying Andrew and Margret. If you guess Ramone you are correct. Does this dude just do everything in town? Margret comes walking down the aisle in the beautiful hemmed dress and makes it to the altar. Ramone starts talking but she cuts him off.

She then announces to the entire guests at the wedding, that she blackmailed Andrew into marrying her. Yet after meeting his family and seeing how great they are how can she ruin something so beautiful. She exits the barn and she heads back to the airport with the immigration guy. Andrew is getting yelled at by his gammy and mom. He runs to the room to hope to find her but instead finds a note she left about his novel. Telling him that she knew it was great and that publishing it would mean she would have lost him as an assistant. She also says she will run it before she leaves.

Now this angers Andrew. Gertrude comes in and he vents to her and tells her Margret makes him a little crazy. Getrude just looks at him and is like are you going to just let her go? He tries to leave to go after her but his dad stops him and refuses to let him ruin his life. Gammy fakes a heart attack so they can fly to the airport but they miss the plane.

Now were at the nitty-gritty. The ending. You see Margret packing up her office, and telling some coworkers to mail these boxes out pronto. Andrew comes walking in panting. She is like why are you panting. He is like ive been running. She was like really? From Alaska. He tells her to shut up and then goes on about their adventure in Alaska. Then asks her to marry him so he can date her.

Of course she agrees and they begin basically making out in front of everyone. The scene cuts to them in front of the immigration guy again but really engaged this time. The movie ends. Now throughout the credits you see the interview takes place. OMG ITS LMFAO.

So this was the entire movie. I wanted you to know almost all the full details of the story. I can’t write everything to a T because that would be a really long post. This one is super long. Like this is my third day writing on it. My disease makes it hard to type for long periods of time.

So for everyone who has seen the movie what is your favorite scenes, lines, or character?

For the ones reading it. Did you have a favorite paragraph from me talking about the movie? What scene did you like the best that I included in this post.

Also I tried to make it to where the YouTube videos would be available to click play from the blog, but the very last one refused to work. So we can’t have two working links and a not working link. The links work the way I have them above.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I had fun writing it.

Review Rating – 8.5/10

Drama Rating – 7/10

Anger Rating – (How mad I got at characters) 3/10 – The dad and immigration officer annoyed me.

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