River Monsters

Do you ever sit down and binge watch reality tv? Does it involve following around people’s live and seeing all the action. I do to sort of. Instead the guy I watch travels the world and fishes trying to solve mystery, mostly deaths of people and figuring out what exact fish did it.

Now most of you might not like the idea of watching a 40+ minute show of a guy fishing and terrible reenactments of the incidents that happened. Yet I love to learn so this show just introduces me to new things about rivers and ocean creatures that I didn’t know before.

So much so that when he talks about fish, especially ocean fish like the shark, i’m most intrigued. Now I’m actually kind of scared of sharks. Like I would never swim with them. Yet seeing them and watching them is truly fascinating. Just recently while watching an episode. He was talking about sharks. Jeremy was investigating in Australia on a disappearance on five men in the ocean who crash landed.

Now Australia has 170 different species of Shark that are local on the coasts. Well only three of these sharks are very famous for aggressive behavior and are known to attack human. Can anyone name these sharks?

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If you named these three you are correct. They are in order of most aggressive. I named off all three and when he said the same, I was so proud of myself. All these sharks have some power to them. You would not want to piss off these guys.

I am currently rewatching River Monsters over again. If you love learning and like seeing weird-looking sea/fresh water creatures you should watch.

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