It takes me days.


Hello everyone. Here is a little update on me. I know I haven’t posted for a bit and I want to explain why. As I have said in previous posts that I was diagonsed with Lupus. Now this disease creates a lot of pain on my joints. One of the reason why I took a break from posting becuase, I was typing so much over a course of days it was creating a more pain in my joints.

I love to write on here but I need a well needed break for physical and mental reasons aswell. I just recently got out a relationship to work on myself. It’s been really hard i’m not going to lie. Yet I want to get back into posting again.

At this point in time it’s taking me a lot more time than normal to type. My joint pain has gotten worse since I last posted in December. I have been working on several posts but they take days, due to the bad joint pain.

I promise I have posts coming. I am almost done finishing up one as we speak so by the end of the week it should be up. I want to thank the few followers I have for waiting.

Have a fabulous day! ~Kay

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