SignSchool/Learn American Sign Language.


Growing up I loved sign language. Just something about it intrigued me. I found It fascinating there was a whole language with just communicating with your hands. As I got older that passion for it grew and I began slowly learning sign language. My looking up simple everyday words. Practicing signing to songs. Then I came to the conclusion that I wanted to be a sign language interpreter. So I began to study more from books and app. I knew that I would need to go to school for it. So I began looking at colleges that offered it.

My whole world turned upside down when I was diagnosed with Lupus. A few months before I was diagnosed I found this website that taught sign language for free and it was legit ASL. I began the course from the beginning cause back then I knew I was rusty. I enjoyed learning new signs and I can tell you I learned so much better from this site than I did from the books and the apps. After I was diagnosed I gave up on my dreams of signing due to the intense joint pain I get in my fingers and wrists. diagnosed

Now it’s been a whole year since I was diagnosed and I haven’t practiced singing since. Just a few days ago I had an inspirational dream. In my dream I knew sign language and I was fluent. I still had lupus but in my dream I didn’t let that stop me and I was signing despite the pain and was helping young children. (In real life I work with kids). I woke up from this dream and I thought to myself. Why am I letting this disease beat me? Why am I letting it stop me?

I took in a deep breath and said to myself I’m going to do it. So I opened up my laptop and pulled up signschool website and I started all over from scratch. I wrote an inspirational quote on my notebook to read when I feel like giving up. It says:

It’s been a few days and i’m still on the basics but there is so many modules. I’m not complaining because it’s very informational.

Now this is not sponsored. I’m not getting paid informational talk about them. I just genuinely love this site. So I wanted to talk about it. So If you would like to see what this site has to offer keep reading because I’ll talk about it and include some pictures and videos.

When you type in the website this the front page that loads up. It’ll give you an option to sign in or signup. As you can see that I have already signed in so it then will welcome you and include the name you have provided. If you look next to the welcome you will dashboard and a learn options. When clicking on dashboard this screen will load up.

Here this will tell you your progress while learning. It will tell you how many points you have accumulated to get to finish the level. If you get on everyday it will count your streaks. Since I am just starting over its one. It will let you know how you’re doing on finger spelling and lesson accuracy. There is a singing game accuracy but I don’t think I’m ready just yet for the game.

Now if you look your to the dashboard there is a lesson button. When clicking on this it will take you to your lessons. Which will look like this:

Now looking at this picture you are like woah! That doesn’t seem like a lot. Well for starters I’m only on the beginner difficulty. To change the difficultly just click the button and it will lead you to a page that looks like this:

Here is where you will choose your difficulty. Since I’m difficultly learning I chose beginners. Lets return back to the learn screen:

By looking at it, it doesn’t seem like you have much to do. This is how it will load up to look like. If you click that little show resources button in the top right corner it will reveal all the modules you actually have to do and i’m not difficultly lie it looks overwhelming. Here is a screenshot of it:

What I love about this is that it’s being very thorough. Facial expression is big with ASL and you see it expressed in almost everything. Now let’s get onto the lessons.

I know you must be thinking omg. This screenshot again. Yet it’s important. As any smart person knows it’s best to start from the beginning. So when you click on basics this screen will load up:

Here it looks like we have three simple modules you have to complete. Yet when you click on them you have a good amount of lessons in each one. They are very informative. During this process you can also access a camera and see yourself practicing the signs. One of my most favorite things is when you’re learning they play little videos where you have to watch a conversation go on between two people, then answer questions about what you watched and it always includes what you just learned from the lessons.

I found a sign school ad. Where it shows you exactly what I mentioned above.

Now sign school is great to learn on the computer but they also offer an app for IOS and Android users. So you can learn on the go. They also offer a daily sign to learn that they send to your email address if you would like to sign up.

I think this website is great and think you should try it out. I believe is a language that everyone should learn right along with Spanish. It’s a growing language and there are a lot of special needs kids who actually use it. I believe knowing how to sign can open up doors and help build better relationships.


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