Goodbye Papal

Last week my family said goodbye to a loving father, husband, uncle, brother and grandpa. We lost him too soon but at least we have the memories of him. It’s still so hard to believe he is gone.

It feels just like yesterday I was a little girl and we would all go out fishing. My grandpa had a passion for fishing. He collected rods and would always be fishing any chance he got. He had fish tanks all over the house with all different types of fish in them.

As I got older and would come to house sit and dog sit. He would take the time to show me how to care for the fish because they were his babies too.

As I think back on all the good memories, I tend to choke up because I won’t be able to stay up late and watch old tv shows on Laugh. Or the old school horror movies that made us laugh. I’ll miss him always tugging at my jacket, telling me to give him a hug and asking me if he was chopped liver.

I’ll miss playing aggravation with him and watching him get all excited and determined when he would get close to winning a game. I’ll miss walking out in the living room when I would come over and see him sitting in his chair watching his program.

Today we are celebrating his life. Everyone is gathering together for a memorial service. We’ll look back on the good times. Laugh at the funny times and cry. It’s okay though. We all know he is no longer suffering and is in a better place.

We all miss you papal and we know you’re living freely with no pain in heaven. You’re with your brother now. Fly high together. We love you both.


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