The tears corrode my shirt.

As the tears fall down my face corroding my clothes my heart goes out to fictional characters. The love I have built for these characters in unexplainable. On June 21st I posted a blog post about the first season of a show called The Originals. It’s a spin off series of The Vampire Diaries. Now I never was a big fan of The Vampire Diaries and I didn’t think I was going to like The Originals that much but decided to do a review of it for my blog. After the first season I was wrong like I said in that original blog post of The Original first season.

I intended to do a blog post for each season like I’ve done for the 100 but I was sucked into the show. That I decided against writing further blog posts. Today is the day I finshed the very final season of The Orginials and I have never cried so hard while watching a tv show.

A long the way I have cried when we have lost certain characters. Yet season 5. It felt like we lost almost everyone. The death of so many charcaters that I became attached to. Each one that died I cried harder than the last.

As I sit here, I’m not sure what to do. I considering giving The Vampire Diaries a second try because after reading up on it. My favorite charcaters do appear through out the show. As well as The Originals is gettin a spin off series of its own about the daughter of Hayley and Nikluas called Legaices. Which I would love to watch.

So now should I do an entire blog post series on The Vampire Diaries? Should I rewatched The Originals and do the blog posts as I intended and then do the same for Legacies? If I can find a place to watch it (since I don’t have cable).

Feedback would be great for the few who like to read these types of posts.

I hope everyone has a good day.


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